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Fragezeichen / BeratungQ.  Why was Satiama founded?

A.  Satiama is a passion project conceived and nurtured by two sisters with a shared vision:  Karen Stuth and Susan Stuth. Satiama was founded in 2008 to offer tools to assist each of us to discover and honor our true selves and our true nature; to increase our respect, compassion and love for one other and for our Earthly Mother; and to foster and cultivate our connection to something transcendent.  Satiama offers a variety of ideas and integrative approaches to spirituality and/or personal growth.  We believe there are as many pathways to spiritual and inner discovery as there are people on the planet, and our goal is to present as many heart-based philosophies as we can through our guest articles, classes, videos, podcasts, tools and inspired words, and, occasionally, events.

Q.  Does Satiama offer or promote a particular ideology or philosophy?

Satiama does not subscribe to a single philosophy; rather, we want to offer as many alternative ideas, technologies and methodologies as we can to support your inner quest in the hope that each reader will find or learn about something new that might assist and support them in their daily and life journey toward spiritual growth and development.  Satiama is a place to learn and expand and we welcome guest article submissions and classes, column, forums, products and event proposals that help to support our core purpose.  Please read our Submision policy prior to making a submission.

Q.  What is Satiama’s core purpose?

A.  Satiama offers experiential tools for conscious living that can spark the divine within ourselves, supporting each of us as we create the life we truly desire. These tools for spiritual and conscious living include art, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, an online meditation sanctuary, videos about some of our faculty, tele-classes and online self-paced classes, monthly columns and live events.  Through surrounding ourselves with spiritual art, jewelry, books, music and other tools, by viewing DVDS and listening to CDs, by participating in live, self-study or pre-recorded classes, we are constantly reminded of our own core purpose in life:  to discover the reality and truth of ourselves and who we truly are.

Q.  How should I best use or experience Satiama?

A.  Satiama is your resource for inspired daily living and spiritual growth. Satiama offers so much to support you through your daily journey:  events, web-based classes, books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, fine art, wisdom cards, meditation tools and so much more. We offer a unique and very high-quality collection of more than a thousand tools, teachers, authors and artists to initiate possibility, help to integrate your inner life with your outer world and to provide what you need to illuminate your true self and your connection to something greater.  Rather than ‘more of the same,” many of the spiritually supportive tools and experiences on our site are especially developed for Satiama and cannot be found elsewhere.

Visit 10 Things To Do At Satiama as a good place to get started, if you have not yet fully explored the capabilities and offerings of our site.

Q.  I’d like to learn more about Satiama’s videos.

A.  Satiama is developing a lovely collection of videos about some of our teachers and artists, and can be found by pulling down the Video menu near the top of our home page. Our best-loved and most-watched video is about love, and part of the growing Satiama Meditations series. The Love Sanctuary video, located at , embodies our core mission and purpose and is Satiama’s ‘valentine’ to the Earth and its habitants.  The video, viewed daily, will open your heart and increase your capability to give and receive love, a key factor to making positive individual and global changes on our planet and at a universal level.

Would you like to send Satiama a note, a idea of what you would like to us to include or include more of, an FAQ you’d like us to add, an event idea, or simply say hello?  Please e-mail us at  We hope to hear from all of you!

Best Wishes and Many Blessings!

Karen and Susan

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