About Satiama

Man Leaping Mid-air on Mountainside Satiama, LLC is a passion project conceived and nurtured by Karen and Susan Stuth, sisters with a shared vision.

Founded in 2009, we are a small Colorado-based publisher and purveyor of books, card decks, audio books, e-books and music CDs. Satiama publications are highly-awarded, perennial top-selling titles in their category. Satiama publishes titles and products for personal enjoyment, learning, expansion and growth. We are known for the very high quality of our publications and products of all types.

Satiama SHOP offers more than 900 items and classes that are hand-selected for their very high quality; we pride ourselves in choosing items that are ‘not more of the same.’ Satiama SHOP presents those things which can help you on your daily journey toward self-discovery.

Satiama Writers Resource, a division of Satiama, LLC, offers writer mentoring, editing, crowdfunding management, printing and production management, marketing, and distribution services to authors and writers. The Satiama Virtual Meditation Hall offers more than 30 free guided meditations of all types, styles and philosophies; The Satiama Library offers more than 500 articles and blogs.

Satiama was founded to offer tools to assist each of us to more deeply connect with and honor our true selves and our true nature, to increase our respect, compassion and love for one other and Mother Earth, and to foster and cultivate our connection to something greater. The foundation of Satiama is the idea that spiritual nourishment comes in many forms. Satiama is dedicated to supporting those persons whose work, whether through photography, the written or spoken word, music, art, jewelry or any other medium, encourages and inspires us in our daily journey and personal evolution. We offer experiential tools that can spark the divine within ourselves, supporting each of us to create the life we truly desire.

Thank you for sharing our journey!

What Does Our Name Mean?

Satiama, pronounced ‘sah-tee-ah-mah,’ is a word built from three core ideas. The word “satiama” might have other meanings in other languages or cultures unknown to us, but the meaning we intend our company to embody is as follows: “Sat” is one the holiest words in Sanskrit, itself a sacred language. It translates as being, reality, truth, essence, soul, the best; it refers to the ultimate reality, and is also considered the self-conductor of everything. In the Pali language, the word “sati” usually carries the meaning of awareness or skillful attentiveness. “I am that I am” is often translated as the name God calls [him]self to Moses, more recently called The Moses Code by James Twyman, and, rather than growing our sense of self-identify, activates our co-creative power and connection to a source greater than ourselves. “A(h)” is the most natural sound to emerge from the mouth, a true vocalized sound, and one of the first sounds we ever make. The “ah” sound is part of nearly every form or name of God or a divine spirit, such as God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Yahweh or Yeshua, Eckankar, God, etc. This sound appears a significant three times in our company name.

We are grateful to our wonderful friend, Catherine Rosek, for her assistance in helping us to create our beautiful and meaningful company name, and also grateful and thankful to our many wonderful friends who have supported us through the conception, growth and evolution of Satiama.

About The Satiama Symbol Of Transformation Satiama logoOur logo includes a symbol resembling a butterfly, an angel or a flicker of light, depending on your interpretation. While none of those interpretations are incorrect, it is not meant to be any of those things in particular, and all of those things as an energetic suggestion of our constant journey toward transformation.


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