Hold on to your hat … a bumpy road is ahead.

First, the Sun is no longer in Leo. Virgo is in the power seat right now so you will notice that the giant directive from the Sun has moved down into details. All that has been bright now shines its light on your body awareness. Use this light to heal rather than getting over exhausted about image management.

It is important to know that as we get closer to the 1st of September a major Virgo cluster is forming in the cosmos. Stay aware that the new moon is arriving preparing the soil to assist you to plant your seeds for manifesting a new standard of excellence for yourself. At the same time Mercury and Jupiter are dancing to bring out a greater expression of your love nature. (Write love letters and let your heart mind speak!) The north node is in there as well, advancing your intention toward a better future. Conversely, a solar eclipse will take you back 19 years (1997) to remember what you set in motion for your health at that time. There may be a review coming to you for a final release and re-calibration. Let the eclipse take it away into perpetuity never to return again.

This cluster will last in various forms for the next 10 days. Then, to add frosting to this cake, Mercury will go retrograde. The best use of Mercury in Virgo is to use the power of the mind to do research.

While this cluster is doing its enhancement on you we must remember that Saturn and Mars are still dancing. Pay attention to blocks that appear. The best possible action is to look for options to all situations that feel like blocks. Continue to ask yourself, “What is the wisdom behind this event?”

Keep the lid on the paint can………….Beatrex Quntanna.

BeatrexCopyright 2016, Beatrex Quntanna