We’re so honored that The Midwest Book Review chose our book, How the Trees Got Their Voices, for the book review publication “Children’s Bookwatch” for September 2015. Their editor in chief just sent us a copy of the review, which we find delightful:

“Already a multi award-winning title, “How the Trees Got Their Voices” is a nature story of the interconnectedness of species in a forest setting. Filled with intricate, colorful, appealing illustrations of trees, plants and animals in a typical mother Earth forest, “How the Trees Got Their Voices is actually at least two stories in one book. The first story is narrated in text beneath each page-filled illustration, explains the ancient magical myth tale of how the trees got their voices. Enchanting illustrations show the face of Mother Earth and the sighing presence and voices of the trees as they give their precious gifts to all the creatures they shelter. A second layer of the story is presented in many embedded sidebars of information and ideas about the trees, animals, birds, insects, and flowers that live with the trees. A stunning central illustration shows a maple tree trunk with falling leaves overshadowing a cross section of different hibernating creatures cradled and cuddled in burrows beneath the roots, including a fox, rabbits, a bear family, a skunk, a toad, mice, a bobcat, and ants, plus seed caches. Lovingly presented and peopled with living trees who shelter all manner of earth’s creatures, “How the Trees Got Their Voices” is a children’s classic, destined for many hours, days and years of enjoyment and wonder.”

Thank you, Midwest Book Review, and congratulations to our author, Sue Lion!  To purchase this amazing book, click here.