Chinese Feng Shui compassAn Exploration of the Spiritual Themes of the New Nature Year September 22, 2014-September 23, 2015

The Two Paradigms of Time: Spiritual and Linear

The Gregorian calendar established in 1582 CE, which marks January 1 as its New Year, governs linear time and, to the extent in which we engage in society, our external lives as well. The Nature calendar, which marks the Autumnal Equinox as its New Year, governs Spiritual Time and our inner lives.

There is an intricate relationship between our inner and outer lives. The inner life, or one’s consciousness, operates on the plane of causation, i.e., consciousness precedes external experience. We are either conscious or unconscious creators of our realities.

Our experiences in the outer world inform us about the state of our consciousness. Our abundant, harmonious, joyful, and peaceful experiences, for example, reflect our healed consciousness, where we operate in alignment with our Souls.

Experiences we perceive as painful or out of balance are indicators of misalignment with our Souls and are a call to healing. The external aspects of our lives, including our careers, finances, health, and relationships, are powerful informants of our healing journeys. This is the purpose and gift of incarnating as a human.

To accelerate our spiritual growth, it is essential to surrender to Spiritual Time through which we learn to be in this world rather than of it. When our lives align with Spiritual Time, we flow with the deep rhythms of Mother Earth and the impulses of our Souls. We live in the “NOW.” We are present. We slow down—breathe, feel, and heal. We use time for its intended purpose: to grow spiritually.

When linear time governs our lives, and we disconnect from Nature, we experience separation from our Souls. We focus on the external—always busy, anxious to get things done, rushing here and there, and stressed by responsibilities and schedules. This is why “burnout” is so common.

The Spiritual Themes of the Ending Cycles of Spiritual and Linear Time

The cycle of Nature begins anew each year at the Autumnal Equinox when the Sun enters Libra. At this time, the seeds for the new Nature Year are planted, and our personal and collective cycles for the next 12 months are set in motion. Every year, a new evolutionary cycle in which we have the opportunity to ascend the ladder of consciousness toward our perfected and sacred Selves is initiated and with each summer, this cycle reaches fruition.

Last year—for the first time—I was guided to use my intuitive interpretation of esoteric systems, as they related to the date of the Autumnal Equinox (September 22, 2013), to establish a trajectory for our spiritual unfoldment during that Nature Year. The theme that emerged was The Year of Captivation.

The past year provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to become truly captivated by our Souls. We learned to more fully experience and express our Souls. The result has been an increase in our Soul Infusion Levels, i.e., the degree to which we live from our Souls rather than our egos/personalities.

I was also guided to explore the themes for the Gregorian year, which began on January 1, 2014. The Year of Graceful Exits emerged. The theme for 2014 has been endings (jobs, relationships, etc.). Our increasing Soul Infusion Levels, catalyzed during The Year of Captivation, resulted in some external aspects of our lives not aligning with our Souls.

Planet in dangerWe have been guided to gracefully let go of what no longer serves us at a Soul level. The gift of 2014 is the space to create a more expanded life—one more fully infused with the Light of the Soul.

Overview of The Year of Dynamic Reorientation

Our increased Soul Infusion Levels, accomplished consciously or unconsciously during the last Nature Year, have prepared us for The Year of Dynamic Reorientation. The dictionary defines “dynamic” as “marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change” and “reorientation” as “a fresh orientation; a changed set of attitudes and beliefs.” This year, we will be in the dynamic process of reorienting to a new paradigm of Spiritual Growth.

The new paradigm of Spiritual Growth is a reflection of the Sacred Feminine. Its key esoteric process is healing on the metaphysical plane of existence—the plane of causation. This level of healing is only now becoming available to humanity.

Until now, our healing work has been on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This healing work has supported us to come into balance. Balance is a precursor to healing on the metaphysical level. Only work on the metaphysical level will bring our long-standing karmic issues to a final resolution.

The key exoteric process for the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth is evolving relationships, with the focus on intimacy and Sacred Sexuality. New forms of healing are emerging and relationships are key to their emergence.

This new paradigm is reminiscent of the goddess tradition, and yet, it is very different. The difference is born of the Aquarian dynamic with its cosmic evolutionary imperative of Unitive Consciousness—a Feminine dynamic. Individuated Consciousness—a Piscean/Masculine dynamic—characterized by exclusivity, external power, “flying solo,” and isolation preceded the Aquarian/Feminine dynamic. The Piscean/Masculine dynamic was a purposeful phase of evolution, a necessary precursor for understanding and developing Unitive Consciousness.

Through Unitive Consciousness, we understand our Souls as perfected extensions of Source—one with Source and inseparable from it. The Soul cannot be lost or shattered. It is changeless by nature. We are extensions of our Souls. Through our Souls, we retain Oneness with Source (most often referred to as God) and Unity with humanity.

The purpose of life on Earth is Ascension, which occurs through remembrance of our Oneness with Soul/Source and is experienced as Unity with one another. This remembrance is the principle of Divine Immanence made manifest. The principle of Divine Immanence stands in stark contrast to the notion of God as external or transcendent.

We are becoming inner directed—learning to experience the impulses of our Souls in every moment. With this shift, we are becoming capable of creating our personalized spiritual paths. Directed by our Souls, we can transcend the incremental growth of the past. There have been only a few people in any tradition who have attained the “perfected state.” Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ changes everything.

I define Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ as the opportunity to accomplish the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime, ordinarily experienced over many. As we adopt the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth, we can move quickly toward a future state of being in which we become spiritually mature humans.

What follows is my exploration and interpretation of a variety of esoteric systems as they pertain to the date of September 22, 2014 and the spiritual themes of The Year of Dynamic Reorientation. My goal is provide an understanding of the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth and guidance for translating this understanding into an embodied spirituality.

Sun at 1° Libra

Since the Nature New Year always begins when the Sun enters Libra, the Sabian Symbol for every new Nature Year is the same. Sabian Symbols are archetypal descriptions of each degree of the zodiac.

All Sabian Symbols in this article are from An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases by Dane Rudhyar.

In a collection of perfect species of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart (dart of wisdom).

Keynote: The immortal archetypal reality that a perfect and dedicated life reveals.

Key words: MADE SACRED.

Each new Nature Year offers unique energetic support for our growth toward our perfected Selves. This year’s unique energetic support provides the opportunity to engage in an ongoing—moment-to-moment—process of aligning our consciousness with the new, emerging paradigm of Spiritual Growth, thereby, accelerating remembrance of our eternal Oneness.


The time has come
For you to know how beautiful you are
How valuable
How lovable

The time has come
For you to cherish your Self
Love your Self
Know your Self

The time has come
For you to embrace your Self
Heal the darkness within
Experience your radiant light

The time has come
For you to be free
Be happy
Be at peace

The time has come
For you to know God
As your Self
– Natalia Schotte, Poems from the Garden of Love:
Words of Light & Inspiration


Mayan Calendar: Kin 67 Blue Lunar Hand

According to the Tzolkin Calendar, the sacred Mayan Calendar based on the 260-day path of the planet Venus in relation to the Earth, there is a specific energy signature for every day. Each energy signature is composed of one of 13 Tones of Creation, which “holistically communicate the qualities of Nature’s creative principles” and 20 Solar Tribes “functioning as unique archetypes of human potential,” creating 260 total possibilities “representing life’s vast range of diverse qualities and manifestations.” (Eden Sky, 13 Moon Calendar)

The energy signature for September 22, 2014 is Blue Lunar Hand. The Tone of Creation is Lunar (the second of thirteen) and the Solar Tribe is Blue Hand (seventh of twenty).

The Lunar Tone and Feeling

Luna is the Latin word for Moon. The Lunar Tone of Creation governing the 2014 Autumnal Equinox calls us to our lunar natures—our subconscious—where our dreams, wishes, and wounds are often hidden. This is the domain of the Feminine, which is associated with receptivity and the emotional, gestalt, and intuitive processing of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Alternatively, the Masculine is associated with activity and the logical, linear processing of the left hemisphere of the brain. A deep connection with our Feminine sides is required for us to access our Souls, which are available to us through Heart-Centered feelings and intuitive impulses.

The Soul expresses as both Feminine and Masculine, equally potent in potential within each human. Wholeness emerges through the development and integration of a balanced and healed Feminine and Masculine. Wounded Masculine energy has dominated the Earth for millennia while the energy of the Feminine has been suppressed.

As women and men, we have been deeply wounded by our experiences of both perpetration and victimization in this and past lives. Simultaneously, we have been unable to heal these wounds because of the denial, repression, and suppression of our feelings that coincides with the negation of our Feminine sides.

Underlying our “emotional” responses to our current circumstances are deep and painful feelings related to the unhealed imprints of perpetration and victimization from our childhoods and past lives.

I define emotions as projections of our inner wounds, directed at ourselves and/or others. They are attack-oriented, blaming, and dramatic, often experienced as highs and lows.

I define feelings as the authentic response of our sensory system to our core experience. They are Self-oriented and reflect Self-responsibility. They are subtle in nature and do not disturb our sense of balance or equanimity.

Humanity is only now beginning to transcend emotion and learn how to feel. This is a key spiritual development process in the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth. The Lunar Tone of Creation calls us to acknowledge and experience our deeply buried feelings.

The Blue Hand of Healing

The Solar Tribe of the Mayan signature for September 22, 2014 is Blue Hand, which is associated with healing. This year, the call is to begin to heal at the metaphysical level, which we are able to do as we develop The Feeling Aspect of the Human Sensory System. This ongoing spiritual development process is associated with the Initiation of the Heart Center—characterized by Purification of the Heart.

“Healing through feeling” represents completely new territory for us all. For the first time, we are able to access—“at the feeling level”—the experiences from this and past lives through which we have developed the perception of separation from Soul/Source. This perception of separation, rooted in experiences in which we felt abandoned, alone, fearful, and powerless, lies beneath all our experiences of suffering.

We heal the imprints of separation we carry from these experiences by connecting deeply with our repressed feelings. This new level of healing ultimately leads to final resolution of the past and transcendence of our long-standing challenges. As we complete this level of healing, we move toward experiencing perpetual ascendant consciousness with its corresponding inner states of empowerment, harmony, joy, love, peace, and purpose.

Moon Work

To support this year’s call to “healing through feeling,” consciously work with the cycles of the Moon. This year, Moon work offers an expanded potential for activating this healing. We are guided to gather with others to do Sacred Ceremony at the New and Full Moons. Consider standing on the Earth, dancing, and drumming.

During these ceremonies, be sure to be present at the exact moment of the New and Full Moons. Tune into and harmonize with the specific energy of each Moon Cycle and set intentions accordingly. (Refer to Stephanie Austin’s detailed New and Full Moon analysis in The Mountain Astrologer.)

Working with the New Moon

At the exact moment of the New Moon, call up the creational energies of Mother Earth and set your intentions for the New Moon Cycle. Be sure to include intentions relating to the activation of your Feminine side. The New Moon Cycle of Creation is the time of manifestation. The last 72 hours of the New Moon Cycle of Creation is the time of greatest manifestation and the time to take empowered action.

Working with the Full Moon

At the exact moment of the Full Moon, experience the culmination of the cycle of creation. Once the moon begins to wane (immediately after the moment of the Full Moon), the cycle of release begins. At this time, set your intentions for release. What will you release? Again, be sure to include intentions to release anything pertaining to the disempowerment of your Feminine nature. The energetic support for your release work is strongest in the final 72 hours of the Full Moon Cycle.

The Pisces Full Moon in Virgo

This Autumnal Equinox falls within the 72-hour period of the previous Full Moon, emphasizing the release work to come over the next year.

“This is the fifth of five SuperMoons this year, generating tidal, wind, and weather activity, as well as greater emotional surges and shifts in consciousness.” (Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer). A Full Moon is an opposition between the Moon and Sun. In this case, we have the Sun at 17° Virgo and the Moon at 17° Pisces.

Sun at 17° Virgo:

A Volcanic Eruption.

Keynote: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.

Key word: EXPLOSION.

The explosive energy of a SuperMoon combined with the Sun at 17° Virgo indicates that this is a year of “purification by fire”—the fire of transformation. We will be releasing pent up emotions and energies. Sometimes these releases will be explosive. All “explosions” are calls to healing. Remember, authentic feelings are underneath all our emotions—the more intense the emotional response, the more repressed the feelings.

Emotional release doesn’t produce healing. Emotions are projections of our wounds. Withdraw your projections and go within. Identify what is really going on when you are emotional. Discover the imprints from your past experiences that have been triggered and heal them.

For the Moon at 17° Pisces:

An Easter Parade.

Keynote: The capacity inherent in all socio-cultural images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.


Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Christ. In esoteric tradition, Easter marks his Ascension. This archetypal experience of death and rebirth characterizes our spiritual journeys as well. The Easter Parade is a symbol of the celebration of spiritual renewal and rebirth.

This year, let us create Collective Peak Experiences that reflect the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth, such as Sacred Celebration and Sacred Ceremony.

Pluto stations direct at 11° Capricorn

“Pluto ends its yearly retrograde phase on September 22, 2014, signaling it’s time to take a giant step forward. Whenever a planet stations retrograde or direct, its archetypal energies are intensified.” (Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer)
“Pluto’s action brings to light things hidden in the depths of your subconscious, releases dormant forces, and causes your suppressed energies to suddenly erupt.” (Joanna Martine Woolfolk, The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need)

The powerful energy of Pluto ushers in the new Nature Year. Along with the Blue Lunar Hand and the Pisces Full Moon in Virgo, Pluto encourages us to dig deep this year and allow that which is repressed to surface. Keep in mind, we have not only repressed our feelings/wounds, we have also repressed our authentic desires. What subconscious desires await our acknowledgement?

A clue is provided by the Sabian Symbol for 11° Capricorn:

A large group of pheasants on a private estate.

Keynote: the refinement and propagation of aristocratic values by means of which man participates in the evolution of life toward ever more perfect forms of existence. Keyword: ARISTOCRACY

Beauty is a Soul quality. According to Dane Rudhyar, “the Aristocracy” has the ability “to produce or encourage the creation of beautiful forms.” As we adopt the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth, we activate the desire to create, encourage, and experience Beauty at ever-higher levels—particularly in concert with Nature. There is an intrinsic connection between Beauty, Nature (Mother Earth), and the Feminine.

In this new Nature Year, Pluto encourages us to connect with our deep desire for Beauty, and the feelings and memories of deprivation and unworthiness that block the experience of Beauty in our lives today. Beauty begins within and manifests outward. Pluto will bring us face to face with challenges and issues in relation to Beauty and the energy required to overcome them.

This year, with Pluto’s assistance, we can greatly enhance contact with our Souls and the quality of our lives by appreciating existing Beauty and creating Beauty wherever we are. True Beauty only exists when the Soul is actively present. Some Native people and spiritual aspirants of other traditions believe pursuit of Beauty is a path of the highest order.

Card of Destiny: Two of Clubs

In the ancient esoteric system called the Cards of Destiny, one of 52 playing cards is associated with each day of the year. This year and last the Autumnal Equinox occurred on September 22 and, therefore, both share the same Card of Destiny: the Two of Clubs. According to Sacred Symbols of the Ancients: The Mystical Significance of Our Fifty-Two “Playing Cards” and Their Amazing Connection with Our Individual Birthdays by Edith L. Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell, September 22 is a Two of Clubs and governed by “the psychology of fear.”

Last year, I wrote that the Two of Clubs indicated the call to transcend fear in the 2013–2014­­­ Nature Year. All fear is rooted in the past and projected into the future. Our collective call was to heal our fears at their Point of Origin. This theme continues. This year, we have significant additional support to work more deeply at the feeling level to eradicate our fears.

There is another message in this year’s September 22 Two of Clubs. Robert Camp in his book Love Cards calls the Two of Clubs “The Conversation Card.” As part of this year’s “dynamic reorientation,” we are called to form and deepen intimate partnerships. Intimacy is the key word for the Age of Aquarius, and Spiritual Healing is the key process.

It is time to take our healing to a new level through intimacy. It is time to stop hiding and become transparent, overcoming our shame through revelation. Our perception of separation from Soul/Source creates a state of isolation. Overcoming isolation/separation requires intimate relationships.

To assess your level of intimacy, ask yourself:

Am I honest about my thoughts and feelings?
Am I trusting and trustworthy?
Do I withhold from others (energy, information, or resources, etc.)?
Do I address conflict directly?
Is my goal a win-win outcome?
Am I competitive rather than cooperative?
Am I compassionate or judging?
Do I celebrate the accomplishments, gifts, and talents of others, or envy them?

Intimacy is the process whereby we return our mind to Oneness, and deepening intimacy is a major developmental focus for ALL of us this year. As we learn the lessons of intimacy, we move toward Unitive Consciousness and experience Oneness with Soul/Source through our relationships with each other.

Numerology/Tarot: 20/2–The Priestess

September 22, 2014 is a 20/2 in numerology:

9 (September is the 9th month)
22 (2 + 2) = 4
2014 (2 + 0+ 1 + 4) = 7
TOTAL = 9 + 4 + 7 = 20 (2 +0) = 2

Last year’s Autumnal Equinox, September 22, 2013, was a one in numerology, the number one is the number of beginnings. This past Nature Year was the first Nature Year after the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012. This was the first full Nature Year in the new Galactic Creational Cycle. It was the first year of New Time, what I call Natural Time. This is year two of Natural Time, and the numerology for September 22, 2014 is also a two.

In numerology, two is the number of the Feminine. This year, women will come to the fore in their families, communities, and the world at large. Women are called to fully honor, love, and respect themselves, to appreciate the power of the Feminine and release Masculine-oriented paradigms of success—making room for their authentic expression and leadership. Men are called to support the women in their lives and, by doing so, will activate their Feminine nature as well. As women and men heal the Feminine, partnerships will blossom. Two is also known as the number of partnership.

The Tarot Card for the number two is The Priestess. The Priestess refers to the Sacred Feminine. Historically, priests are celibate—their sexuality denied. In the goddess tradition, the Priestess, the Holy Woman, is fully empowered sexually. She knows the sacredness of her body, her sexuality, and her lovemaking.

The Priestesses of old were the counterparts to the Magician (the Tarot card for the number one). The Feminine and Masculine were equal. Their sexual union, Hieros Gamos, was performed as High Ceremony. Through her orgasm, the Priestess experienced ecstatic union with the Divine. In communion with the Priestess and her orgasm, the male, the Magician, also experienced ecstatic union with the Divine.

In the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth, ALL women have the ability—and are called—to be Priestesses. As Priestesses, we honor our bodies and sexuality. We choose partners with whom we can create sexual experiences as Sacred Ceremony. We use our sexual experiences for ecstatic union with the Divine.

Men, in this new paradigm, see women and their bodies as sacred and treat them accordingly. Both women and men commit to the highest energetic activation possible through sexuality. We are made sacred through our sexual union with one another and the Divine.


Go to the outskirts of ecstasy
The hinterlands of pleasure
Become an explorer of the oasis of happiness

Experience the untamed regions
The unconditioned
Expanse of
Your True Nature

– Natalia Schotte

If you are woman, ask yourself:

Do I view myself as sacred?
Do I view myself as the embodiment of the goddess?
Do I treat my body as my Holy Temple?
Is my sexuality tarnished with guilt and shame?
Do I treat my vagina as Sacred Ground?
Do I diminish or negate the Feminine?
How was I sexually abused/wounded?
How was my trust betrayed?
What did my parents teach me about sexuality through their behavior, communication, feelings, and thoughts?
What was I taught through education and/or religion?
Do I utilize my sexuality for ecstatic union with the Divine?

If you are a man, ask yourself:

Do I view the women in my life as sacred?
Do I view a woman’s body as a Holy Temple?
Am I honoring, loving, and respectful during my sexual interactions with women?
Do I treat a woman’s vagina as Sacred Ground?
Do I honor, love, and respect the Feminine and the women in my life?
How have I abused/wounded women sexually?
How have I betrayed their trust?

In 2003, my partner Jonathan and I went on a powerful Templar Tour in Scotland. It culminated with our initiations as Templars at Rosslyn Chapel. The tour was dominated by wounded Masculine energy. The power dynamics—competition, jostling for control, etc.—were exhausting. The cold and damp weather, and past life memories of escaping to Scotland during the Templar massacre of 1307, only exacerbated the experience.

After we left the group, Jonathan and I traveled to England for a few days. During our stay, we visited Chalice Well in Glastonbury. This sacred goddess site, with its sleeping December garden, was a respite for my weary self. The energy of the Sacred Feminine was indescribably different from the wounded Masculine energy on our Templar Tour in Scotland.

When I returned home on Winter Solstice, I wrote the following poem.


I was the wise woman, the healer, the priestess
I was the embodiment of the Goddess
I lived in harmony with the Earth
Followed the cycles of the Moon
Celebrated the Seasons, listened to the Nature Spirits
I was the embodiment of the Goddess

My body was my temple, I lived in it
Experienced with my senses, moved and felt and loved
Knew Divinity as a living reality

I did not need a priest to show me the way
Teach me the truth, hear my confession
Talk to God on my behalf
I knew God lived within me
That I was innocence and purity, holiness and love
That I was knowledge and wisdom
That I was Divine

For this I was murdered by the priests
Said I was the devil, said I would burn in hell
Said they were God’s emissaries
My death the will of God
Burning at the stake, the will of the Father
Millions of us, the will of the Father

The truth of Divine Immanence
Went to the grave with us
That is what they intended
What control or power could they have if the people knew
They did not need the priests or their church?

In their arrogance they believed
That our death was their victory
What fools!

The truth cannot die
It rises again like Jesus from the dead
The truth resurrected itself
I have resurrected myself
I am reborn
I am back
I am strong
I do remember
I am the embodiment of the Goddess

This time I will not be silenced
This time I will speak the truth
Loudly, everywhere, to anyone who will listen
I will teach what we all once knew
God lives within
We are God
The Earth is our Mother
Our bodies are our temples
They are holy
Sin does not exist
It was and is a manipulation
To prevent people from experiencing Life


The Life of the Spirit is ours now
We do not have to wait to be saved by someone else
We can save ourselves
By remembering
We are extensions of Source
We are the embodiment of innocence and purity
Holiness and love
Knowledge and wisdom

Holy, holy, holy are you
Holy, holy, holy are we all
Holy to Sacred Feminine in the Highest

Women, in this new Nature Year, let us sanctify our bodies as the Temples of our Souls. Let us stand together to ensure the right to govern our bodies and our lives at all levels. Let us call forth the support we require to become all we can be—to fulfill our Divine potential. Let us remember ourselves as The Priestess and cultivate the Sacred Feminine as a way of life.

Men, in this new Nature Year, focus on being the sentinels of our homes and families—protecting the Sacred Feminine and her rights and rites. Use your strength to provide the safety for women and children to flourish. Wage peace so that our outer lives support the Life of our Souls.

Let us all dedicate ourselves to the sanctification of the Feminine. Let us embrace the Sacred Feminine in all her forms. Let us feel—and transcend—the wounds of the past and liberate our Heart Centers to their inherent joy. Let us walk the Path of Beauty and cultivate a deeper connection with Nature and her cycles. Let us make love more often and celebrate our ecstatic union with the Divine.


It’s tempting to think that there is nothing new or that we have already done what there is to do from a spiritual perspective. Our egos/personalities thrive on “knowing it all” and “perfectionism.” This is our greatest obstacle.

Let us find the humility to surrender to the evolution of our consciousness in accordance with the new energies released at the Autumnal Equinox. Let us adopt a spirit of adventure in the face of transformation, rather than contraction and resistance. Let us open to the unknown, tuning into our Souls for direction in every moment. Let us come to honor our feelings and make space for deepening them.

Let us honor the Sacred Feminine and her mysterious ways. Let us take every opportunity to partner—recognizing that in the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth our relationships birth new forms of healing.

This year is pivotal for humanity. Because of the opportunity to accelerate our spiritual growth, we can truly begin to collectively transcend the trajectory of suffering we set in motion in the past. There is a sense of urgency in this regard.

To actualize the individual and collective potential of The Year of Dynamic Reorientation, let us ALL do everything possible to align our consciousness with the new paradigm of Spiritual Growth. This is how we mature quickly and develop the wisdom to solve our most pressing challenges. This is how we make life on Earth truly SACRED.

NataliaMSchotteAbout The Author  Dr. Natalia Schotte has dedicated her life to creating and disseminating the Accelerated Spiritual GrowthTM Curriculum, a body of work that includes La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences. The Accelerated Spiritual GrowthTM Curriculum offers people the unprecedented opportunity to achieve the evolution of consciousness in one lifetime ordinarily experienced over many. It is the Divine response to humanity’s invocations to the Spiritual Hierarchy to transcend the incremental growth of the past.

Combining over 25 years of education and experience as a counselor, intuitive, speaker, and teacher, Dr. Schotte has supported people around the world to raise their vibratory rates above the level of their long-term challenges to the level of peace, purpose and transcendence.

She is the author of two award-winning books: The Ascension Oracle: Guidance for Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ and Poems from the Garden of Love: Words of Light & Inspiration. She has written for many publications, including Kindred Spirit Magazine, Living Now Australia and Tathaastu Magazine.  Dr. Schotte holds a Ph.D. in Spiritual/Therapeutic Counseling from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines and is an ordained minister through the International Council of Community Churches. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto. Dr. Schotte is also the Chair of the Board of The S.H.E. Foundation, a non-profit organization she founded to support the activation of the Sacred Feminine through women’s Spiritual Healing and their creative expression in the arts.