This article is a continuation from last month’s article about Dream Oracle Numbers 1 through 5.

Dream Numbers Part Two:   Numbers 6 through 10

6.    Balance

Meanings of the number six include equilibration, symmetry, and harmony of opposites, balanced polarities, reciprocity, love and complementary activities. One form of the number six is two interconnected triangles, forming a symbol of perfectly balanced symmetry. This is the Mogen David, the Star of David and the shield of love, which represents the perfected union of opposites. Sixes in dreams may indicate the reciprocal nature of the energy required in a situation. Sixes may also show where balance is required or what quality is needed to harmonize current circumstances, bringing things into a state of equilibrium.

7.    Victory

The ancient word for the number seven meant oath and implied the fulfillment of a sworn agreement. Meanings of the number seven include temporary cessation, rest, safety, security, peace, health, wealth, satisfaction, recognition, and spiritual forces. Sevens in dreams may hint at the awakening and movement of spiritual awareness in the dreamer’s life and may reveal the path ahead.  Sevens in dreams may also cast additional light on the nature of the spiritual quest and provide guidance during a difficult period of transition. Seven is like a plateau before a final ascent and in a dream may signal a much-needed time of rest and renewal.

8.    Rhythm

The number eight holds the meaning that opposite forms of expression are effects of a single cause. Eight implies the ebb and flow, flux and reflux, of a single breath-like motion like the ocean. Meanings of the number eight include vibration, rhythm, involution and evolution and resurrection. After pausing to rest in seven, energy moves again in eight but in a more cyclical manner. Eights in dreams may provide insight into where a compensating balance of energy might be found to harmonize the flow. Eights can indicate the manner in which the dreamer has become unbalanced and needs to restore rhythm and reciprocity.

9.    Completion

The number nine embodies the pure, clear expression of the idea that began with one and completes a cycle, ready to begin again. Meanings of the number nine include completion, culmination, attainment, and fulfillment, the goal of an endeavor, termination, and the end of a cycle. Nines in dreams almost always reveal what is coming to a point of conclusion and what is now passing from the life. Nines can shed light on how release can be achieved more easily and usually points toward a profound need to release and let go.

10.   Dominion

The number 10 combines the 1 of new beginnings with the 0 of potentiality, starting a new cycle at a higher level of expression. Meanings of the number ten include dominion, perfection, mastery, embodiment, consummation, a grand finale and a return to unity. 10 is like a graduation as there is a sense of mastering one phase and preparing for a new level.  Tens in dreams indicate both what needs to pass away as well as the new cycle that’s ready to begin. Tens in dreams may reveal the area of life where it’s time to consciously turn a page and begin a new chapter.

0, 11 and 22

Zero is literally “no thing” and represents unlimited potential or a state of void before a cycle of manifestation. Although the symbol for zero is usually an oval it is actually more like an infinite circle before the dot at the center focuses a point of creative expression. In dreams zero’s symbolism is usually subtle, although often signaling a huge change or period of uncertainty about what happens next.  Prepare to leap into the void.

11 and 22 are often called Master Numbers. In most systems of numerology these numbers are not reduced; otherwise 11 would reduce to 2 and 22 would reduce to 4. The nature of 11 seems to be similar to the planet Uranus in that it operates on a mental plane and at a higher frequency. 11 is difficult to contain and can be a disruptive influence as it heralds a paradigm shift. In dreams this signals a need to look for solutions that are out of the ordinary and a willingness to try them.

22 seems to hold new patterns of manifestation. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 cards in the Major Arcana of Tarot.  22 in a dream might be an indication to open to spiritual counsel and a totally new way of orienting to life. The realm of 22 is rarified and requires still the mind to align with the frequency.

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