Dear Danielle,

I’m worried that my dog, Sadie, doesn’t eat enough. I have two other much bigger dogs and it looks like they get most of the food at feeding time. I try to help Sadie by coaxing her and by feeding her at other times when the other dogs aren’t around, but it still always seems like she never has enough. She often whines for more food later in the day.
Worried Dog Mom

Hi Worried Dog Mom,

When I connect to this situation, it looks like you are also worried that YOU never have enough either. In fact, you’re always concerned that what you have is going to go away – and that what is coming, isn’t really going to show up! Animals create deep Soul Contracts with their humans in which they “sign on” to help their human evolve in some way. It feels like Sadie is working with your personal Soul Contract of Poverty. When a Soul Contract of Poverty is active, it means that you are constantly worried about money, abundance, about not having enough – even about when the other shoe will drop. It’s a very powerful and negative Soul Contract and it’s not fun to live with.

By being last to the food and by “whining for more” as you put it, Sadie is providing a beautiful mirror for you about your own behavior. Do you find that you are often concerned about those who are weaker in some way? Are you frequently routing for the underdog (no pun intended!)? Do you go down the “what if” road (What if I lose my job? What if I can’t pay my mortgage next year? What if my boss starts hating me?) regardless of the relevancy to your actual life? Sadie is showing you – in a concrete way intended to elicit your emotions – how you are moving through life. At dinner time, the food is “open” to all of your brood right? But Sadie takes a back seat – not reaching forward to receive what she – as well as everyone else – deserves. This is the same thing you do when you look at yourself as lesser or not as strong or even not as smart as the others.

Later, when she comes to you asking for more food – or as you put it “whining” for more food, she is demonstrating the victim mentality you are holding as a result of the Soul Contract of Poverty. When a person “whines” for something, it is because they are not in their power. This is very clear. Can you picture the CEO of a major telecom company whining to the CFO about anything? The energies just don’t match!

So, if you would like to help Sadie, you’re going to have to start by helping yourself. It’s really the easiest and most direct way! You can begin by ferreting out those places in your life where you feel Less Than. “Less Than” is often expressed emotionally via your thoughts of not being good enough for the raise, not being smart enough to get the degree, not deserving that cool car or not being pretty enough to attract a truly hot man. As you enter into this Observation Mode, it will at first be difficult to find these areas – but with commitment, you’ll become adept at detecting the times when you are experiencing a Less Than feeling.

As you continue further into Observation Mode, improving your ability to detect your negative feelings you will also notice that there is a pattern to them. You’ll see that it’s always when you feel “this” way or whenever you’re in “that” type of situation or it’s every time you’re around Sarah that you go into the Less Than state. This is your pattern and it’s a big step to being able to move into the next stage: forecasting when you are walking into a situation that will force your Less Than feelings to arise. It’s the understanding of your own patterns that really opens things up. Your prediction abilities indicate you’re finally skilled enough to begin making changes in your life and releasing the Soul Contract of Poverty. And this is what Sadie wants you to do!

Once you expect one of those “Less Than” moments to arise, you are creating a huge opportunity for yourself: the pause. This is the beautiful space of silence that occurs just after you realize that this is one of “those times” and just before you succumb to your Less Than feelings – where you have an opportunity to go a different way with your thoughts. It is in this brand new, open-space moment that you can now choose to think something positive, such as “I bet she can push that little body right up underneath the others and get that food” or “I may not have the education – but I do have the experience!” As you do this – you are empowering yourself, diverting your attention from the usual negative place and you are kicking that Soul Contract of Poverty right out of your life.

Working on this Soul Contract will take time – but you have a furry little barometer living with you who will become stronger (and perhaps heavier) the better you do – as she will reflect back to you your own empowerment. For Sadie and for you – it’s not about revamping feeding times, changing food or scolding dogs – it’s about revamping your energy and your thoughts!

About the Author: Animal Communicator and Intuitive Danielle MacKinnon is the author of several highly-successful classes including Beginning Animal Communication, Animal Soul Contracts and Animal Communication Q&A. She is a well-known animal intuitive and intuitive coach, named one of Bob Olson’s “Top 10 Best Psychic Mediums.” Using Soul Contracts as a foundation, she offers a fresh perspective on working deeply with pets, developing intuition, and spiritual growth. Danielle’s column “Animal Soul Connections” focuses on soul-relationships between humans and animals and she offers coaching, workshops, presentations and online classes centered around this idea for people and for people and their pets. To learn more, visit Danielle also offers several web-based courses, including Beginning Animal Communication, Animal Soul Contracts, and Beginning Animal Communication Q&A.