Your life really is like a play. It begins with the curtain rising when you are born, and ends with the curtain descending when you have reached the end of your journey. Your numerology illustrates the theme of your life play, using your name and birthday.  While many numbers combine to illustrate the many layers that you are made of, the most important number is the Life Path number.

The Life Path Number describes the nature of your life journey and the road you are traveling. It describes your foundational traits and who you are at birth. Your Life Path number outlines the opportunities, challenges and lessons you will encounter in this lifetime.

This number can be thought of as a foundational outline of all the potential that your character is made of.  While you are given the decision of how to live your life, you can reach your full potential by allowing yourself to be committed to fulfilling the journey defined by your Life Path.

Why is the Life Path the most important number in your numerological chart?  The Life Path uses your date of birth, while the other numbers are derived from the name. While you can change your name, your birth date will never change. Your birthday is all yours, and it tells a tale about you alone. This is why we study the Life Path number first.  It is the number that will bring you much happiness and fulfillment in your lifetime. This number must be allowed to develop and requires you to give it much attention. This number gives the most information about you, and therefore, its vibration deserves the attention to unfold throughout your entire lifetime.

This number can be visualized as a road you will follow throughout your life. The talents and skills given with your number will help you along your Life’s Path. This number gives you what you can depend upon to find success in the world. While you may share this number with others, the combination of all of your numbers is what makes it clear on how you can best proceed down your Life Path.

The Life Path is also a good place to look for career or vocation interest because it shows your inherent interests and talents. It uses your unique set of natural abilities to give you an idea of the areas in which you have the potential to excel in without formal training.

You can draw from this unending well of energy throughout your life. This number sets the tone for your life experience.  Your path will be filled with valleys, hills, twists and turns. Fortunately, if you are aware of your Life Path number, you can use the potential you have to overcome obstacles and go forward in your spiritual quest.

The rule for finding the Life Path is as follows:  Always reduce the month, day and year and then reduce. Do not reduce 11 or 22.


May 12, 1960

May is the 5th month, 12 reduces to 3 (1 + 2 = 3), 1960 reduces to 16 (1 + 9 + 6 + 0 =16) , then reduce again to 7 (16 is 1 + 6 = 7).

So we have 5 (month)+3 (day)+7 (year)=15.  This will reduce to 6 (1 + 5 = 6).

What does this final number tell you?

1’s are about independence, self- motivation and need to be in charge; they are leaders with drive and determination, pioneering spirit, demand respect and want to protect and provide for the ones they love.

2’s are sensitive and do not like conflict, they are the peacemakers. Extremely sensitive, perhaps a bit shy, they are quite perceptive, diplomatic and tactful. They want harmony and are sensitive, with a lot of intuition.

3’s like to communicate and have creative energy.  Self-expressive and witty, they have the ability to pursue many arts. They are optimistic and generous; uplifting others brings them happiness.

4’s seek security and are responsible. They are practical and down-to-earth, decisive and orderly and believe in a step-by-step rational approach to solving problems. They have strong ideas about right and wrong.

5’s want freedom and adventure. They love travel, adventure and meeting new people. They are curious and like change, new things, are upbeat and can motivate others. They are multitalented with many abilities.

6’s are nurturing and caregivers. They wish to be of service to others and to comfort those in need. They are generous and kind and d0 not turn away from personal sacrifice.  They are humble and equipped to help others in time of need.

7’s are looking for the truth. They are devoted to investigating the mysteries of life. They need time alone with privacy and space. They are analytical thinkers with great concentration. They enjoy solitude to contemplate ideas.

8’s need financial and spiritual freedom. They have a talent for management and leadership, are visionary and can inspire others. They are good judges of character, desire luxury and comfort.

9’s are humanitarians and leaders. They are concerned about the state of the world. They have great compassion and have a broad outlook on life. In giving they find much satisfaction, and have strong social conscienceness.

11’s are given an inordinate amount of energy and intuition. They have inspiring ideas and thoughts  and insights come to them without having to go through the rational process.  They have enormous potential, but need to be confident.

22’s have uncommonly sound common sense.  They are master-builders with the potential to inspire others with their dreams. They have the understanding and ability to unite a variety of people through practical evaluation. They are here to bring together forces that will enable them to realize their dreams.

One thing people always ask about is compatibility. Below are numbers that are naturally matched. You will find you are compatible with other numbers and we will get into those numbers  and challenge numbers as well in future columns.

1-5-7 are mind numbers, always thinking. Often well-educated, they enjoy travel and need to use their energy in a positive way. They need to surround themselves with nature and with such a serious nature at times they benefit from  exercise to help them enjoy their life more and get out of their heads.

3-6-9 are creative numbers, always creating. They are given much creativity without really trying. They can perform in the arts and regardless of their chosen vocation they will benefit by writing, dancing, painting or performing in some way, even as a hobby.

2-4-8 are business numbers, always taking care of business. They love business, building their foundation, establishing financial freedom. They want to be friends with everyone.

More to come!

About The Author:  Donetta Huffman ( professional numerologist and author of Semi-Circle Numerology cards, soon to be available at Satiama. She has studied numerology for many years and specializes in personal readings. She has counseled many clients in their careers, personal lives and business decisions. Donetta also specializes in compatibility, helping each individual understand themselves and others on a much deeper level. She lectures and conducts events throughout the US and Canada.