As I attempt to write this article, my two year old cat, Bella, is curled up over my heart, between me and the computer.  I can’t see my fingers as I type, so I consider throwing her off with the excuse. “Not now Bella, I’m busy!” and then it strikes me that I am writing about experiencing the spiritually conscious state of “no separation” through animal communication, developing a limitless, non-separate ego, a heart for all beings everywhere.  My ego wants Bella off my chest so I can write without distraction, but my heart says “Aw, come on… let her stay!”

So, she stays, and though I have a cramp in my forearm where the bulk of her weight rests, I type through it.

My personal path to animal communication started with science, not spirituality.  My father is a plant biologist and my older brother is a wildlife biologist.  As children we were encouraged to go out into the woods and “pay attention” to animals around us, and when able, take a notebook and make notes about their behaviors and relationships with each other as well as their environment.  Sometimes it would take an hour or more of quiet “paying attention” to become fully aware of the animals around us and their movements and relationships, and that time was often equal to formal “meditation” training.  After sitting quietly in the woods for an hour, the chattering voice of the individualized ego would become tired of shouting, “Me, me, me, me, me!” and “My butt hurts sitting on this log!” and it became much easier to notice all of the other beings living and working in the same vicinity.

Bella, the mad kitty

The Beautiful Bella

Animal communication as a practice requires the skills a scientist uses to objectively witness and analyze the physical world.  It also requires the meditative skills a monk or yogi uses to objectively experience both the physical and spiritual worlds.  While a life scientist in the western tradition would use physical observation to analyze and explain how all living beings are connected physically through their co-evolution of suitable habitats and eco-systems, a meditative monk or yogi would use both physical and spiritual observation to analyze and explain how all living beings are connected in the realm of spirit, or consciousness.

The basic practice of good science is also the basic practice of “skillful” consciousness and spiritual awareness, and vice versa.

The Buddha speaks of the practice of being mindful, objective and alert of others and the universe as imperative to cultivating  a limitless heart – implying that stretching one’s awareness to include everything is also stretching one’s heart to do the same:

“As a mother would risk her life
to protect her child, her only child,
even so should one cultivate a limitless heart
with regard to all beings.
With good will for the entire cosmos,
cultivate a limitless heart:
Above, below, & all around,
unobstructed, without hostility or hate.
Whether standing, walking,
sitting, or lying down,
as long as one is alert,
one should be resolved on this mindfulness.
This is called a sublime abiding
here & now.”
Karaniya  Metta  Sutta.

This is, in essence, is what I am attempting to practice when I practice animal communication – even when my ego, and my cat supporting forearm, are both tired and sore. Elizabeth Anglin, August 2, 2011

About The Author:  Elizabeth Anglin is a gifted Psychic Remote Viewer, Animal Communicator, Spirit Medium and Reiki Master.  Her readings and healings are gentle, joyful, in-depth and highly personal.  She creates a sacred space where your loved ones in spirit, animals, spirit guides and guardian angels can connect in love to offer you healing information, problem solving assistance, moral support and encouragement.  Sessions with Elizabeth are energetically dynamic, compassionate and non-judgmental.  She has over two decades of experience with altered states of consciousness and meditation and has undergone a life-changing shamanic transformation.  As a Near Death Experiencer (NDEr) – she is uniquely qualified to view and report on the spiritual/non-physical side of animal and human reality.   Elizabeth may be contacted through her websites and

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