Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” Kahlil Gibran

 Swan’s Message: You Are Beautiful Just as You Are

 The image of Swan in Children’s Spirit Animal Cards gliding along the water so gracefully and peacefully immediately evokes a feeling of beauty in action. The message on the oracle card itself—“You are beautiful just as you are”—can serve as a reminder from Swan Spirit of the true meaning of what beauty is.

For any child (or any adult for that matter) there are undoubtedly periods where their self-esteem is being challenged. Whether due to dramatic changes taking place at the child’s particular developmental stage, the karmic soul pattern they brought into the world, or that they’re simply having a bad day, the cards can be a tool to provide guidance from spirit that can help provide better understanding and a new perspective on their feelings.

The collaboration between the child’s subconscious need and Spirit’s response through any of the twenty-four cards may result in Swan being the card that is chosen. The magic of these cards is in the way that the right message is typically delivered by the appropriate spirit animal at the right time. For instance, when the child draws Swan, they are encouraged to see the deeper beauty in themselves and in the world around them. And in fact, the child (or the parent on behalf of the child) can call on Swan Spirit whenever they’re feeling “ugly” in any way.

For the younger child the image itself may be just enough to lighten the mood, whereas the child who can read may choose to read the message on the card or continue on to the expanded reading in the guidebook. Parents can also support this message by joining in with their child as they work with the cards, as there is also a section in the accompanying guidebook that offers suggestions for parents. If their child is not yet reading, they may read the expanded message to them.

Here’s expanded message from Swan Spirit from the guidebook:

“There’s a saying that says, “Beauty is only skin deep”—which means it’s just on the surface—but it really goes much deeper than that. No matter how you look, it’s how you feel inside that really counts. There will be days that no matter what you do you will feel like the ugly duckling, but it’s especially important on those days—as well as others—to let your spirit shine through like a light from inside. That way you bring this inner beauty out to the world.

One way to help your inner light shine is to be grateful for all that you have, while another is to compliment (or say nice things) to others. Try and make them smile. It will feel good to do so, and when you feel good, it’s natural to shine. Others will be affected such that they will feel beautiful too! So simply know that you are beautiful just as you are, and in knowing and accepting that, there’s great beauty.”

Children’s Spirit Animal Cards each include an expanded message from each spirit animal and suggestions for activities that will reinforce the message itself.

Here are the activity suggestions for Swan:

* Write in your journal about what special gifts or talents you have that you are proud of.

* Let your mother or father know at least two things that you like about yourself.

* Imagine there’s a beautiful light inside you that sparkles even more when you smile and share that feeling with others.

* In your own mind or even out loud, repeat the phrase, “I am beautiful just as I am” a few times each day.

* Notice the beauty all around you, in other people, animals, plants, and other parts of Nature.

Although written with the child in mind, I’m sure all of us from time to time can benefit from this kind of perspective!

Thank you, Swan Spirit! Thank you, Creator!

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About The Author:  Dr. Steven Farmer is the author of the several best-selling products including Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, Earth Magic, Animal Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards, and Sacred Ceremony. He is a shamanic practitioner, ordained minister, hypnotherapist, former college professor and psychotherapist.  Farmer offers workshops and presentations on a variety of shamanic healing and earth-centered spirituality topics and also offers private shamanic healing sessions.  To learn more about his workshops or to contact him, please visit

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