You may have heard about numerology, but thought it was a complicated mathematical process that was difficult to master. Don’t worry; it’s not like those hard to memorize, crazy  x-y equations that made your palms sweat and gave your stomach butterflies while taking high school algebra tests. It’s much simpler and can be easy applied and utilized in your everyday life.  This column will be your tool in learning and becoming comfortable with numerology. I have read many books on this subject and conducted  thousands of personal numerology readings and am happy to share my experience with you. My personal goal is to take numerology into the mainstream!  I believe in the very near future everyone will be asking, What’s your number?”

Let’s start with Pythagoras, known as the “Father of Numerology.” Pythagoras was one of the first well-known Greek mathematical thinkers. Born around 570 BC, he spent most of his life in the Greek colonies and southern Italy. There are a number of reports that he traveled to Babylonia, Phoenicia and Egypt where he formed the basic principles of numerology.  He felt there are recognizable patterns that identify talents and characteristics of a person based on their birth date and name given at birth. He founded a school to teach his beliefs and called it Semi-Circle. Semi-Circle accepted both male and female students with no restrictions of race and religion,  something that was unheard of for the time.  I was so moved by these facts that I felt compelled to name my numerology cards and company after his school.

Numerology will help you recognize, uncover and rediscover the gifts that were given to you at birth.  Each of us has a variety of gifts in our numerology charts; it is up to us how much we use them.  Sometimes we forget, or fail to use these gifts to their fullest potential. I think numerology reminds us of things we already know.  Many clients will say “I am good at _____, but I forgot about that,” or “I used to want to do that, but life got in the way.” By reaffirming what you really already know, you are free to be what you are meant to be, live your life to the fullest! Using numerology, you can recognize and utilize your gifts with confidence that you are doing what you were sent here to do.

About The Author:  Donetta Huffman ( professional numerologist and author of Semi-Circle Numerology cards, soon to be available at Satiama. She has studied numerology for many years and specializes in personal readings. She has counseled many clients in their careers, personal lives and business decisions. Donetta also specializes in compatibility, helping each individual understand themselves and others on a much deeper level. She lectures and conducts events throughout the US and Canada.