My sister Susan and I realized with a shock this past week that we had actually missed the two-year birthday of Satiama, which was May 10, 2011.  This important milestone came and went unnoticed as we are, in our second year, engaged in building specialty communities, bringing out our very first publication, Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer, and planning the next phase of upgrades to our site and shopping cart. Our Meditation Community now includes people from literally all over the world, and our guest meditation leaders continue to include some of the world’s truly great spiritual leaders.  Our new Astrology Community is growing by leaps and bounds. In short, we were just too busy to notice.

We missed the opportunity to have a chocolate cupcake – with sprinkles!

But pausing now for a moment to honor that important milestone gave me a fairly enjoyable if not belated trip down memory lane for all that has occurred during the past two years.

From the moment we took our first step to develop the name ‘Satiama,’ and then went on to purchase the domain name, we have felt as if we were hanging on for dear life by our fingertips from the wing of a fast-flying jet – it seemed to take on a life of its own far more quickly than we had anticipated, and we were taken very much by surprise.  Truth be told, we’re still trying to catch our breath.

People often ask me whether I have any advice for people thinking of doing something similar.  That question generally causes my sister and co-founder Susan and me both to smile and laugh, as our answers are usually the same:  “Make a plan and then be prepared to rapidly depart from it!”

But the plain fact is, from the very first day, Satiama has never really been ‘ours.’  We’re really just passengers in a car being driven by Spirit – and we manage and develop Satiama according to our Driver’s plan for us.  We are quite clear that Satiama really belongs wholly to Spirit, built and developed in service to Spirit and everyone and everything that flows from that Source.

Susan and I always had as our goal to provide a comprehensive website that supports conscious living. Yet, knowing that Spirit has been working with us and through us has made it fairly easy to quickly depart from how we thought that goal would be achieved instead toward paths, ideas and opportunities that constantly open up to us in so many ways we have lost count.  We have been frustrated and daunted when we have pursued a course for Satiama that we felt good or certain about, only to have our plans turned on their ear in the direction of something that is inevitably more meaningful and more successful.  Pretty quickly into the journey that is called Satiama, we learned to steer toward the flow, to flexibly adapt, to be okay with letting go of what did not work and to surround ourselves with people and products of the highest integrity.  If we have a business plan, I guess that would really be it:  “Whatever shows up for us that is in integrity,” because we know opportunities arise without accident, and anything in integrity is sent to us by our Source.

There have been many wonderful people who have helped us along the way and for whom we are deeply grateful, people who simply exude integrity from the core of their being.  I’d like to call out in particular four people who have contributed their talent and abilities to make Satiama who and what she is today.

The first is Michelle Williams, a stunningly talented graphic designer who has significantly enhanced the look and feel of our site and our advertising. I seriously don’t know where we would be right now without Michelle, who helps us literally every single day.  We are very clear that she was sent to us by angels, and we consider her a very lovely earth angel herself.  Michelle’s website is  Words fail us in expressing our gratitude to her for her gargantuan contribution to Satiama.

The second is Dr. Steven Farmer, who two years ago gave us our very first guest article about Tree Healing. He has been a contributor, a supporter, and now the author of our very first publicationChildren’s Spirit Animal Cards.  A more heart-based person I cannot think of, and Steven’s support of Satiama has been unflagging.  We are deeply indebted to Steven Farmer, a spiritual man who walks his talk every day, for believing in us from the beginning, for sharing our vision and helping us down our path, even lighting the way for us to achieve a dream to also become a publishing company.  I still recall a phone conversation with him where he asked me what I would suggest as a publishing collaboration between Satiama and him. The words literally fell out of my mouth, “I think you should do something for children.” And then I thought, “Where did that come from?”  But I already knew the answer as I was asking myself the question. We don’t take the divine, angelic gift of Steven Farmer lightly.

The third is our simply amazing friend Judy Allen, who has attended every event, helped us at every trade show, lent the use of her vehicle, and never fails to cheerfully offer her time, energy and support whenever and wherever it is needed.  Her sincere support of Satiama has been a real cornerstone for us – we know we can count on her and we generally do – to be constantly and consistently a source of moral, emotional and actual hands-on support for us and for which we are way beyond grateful.  We had loaded and unloaded her car with Satiama products more times than I can count.  She is also a shimmering earth angel for whom we are deeply and boundlessly thankful.

Finally, we want to recognize our excellent friend Donna Visocky of Bella Spark Productions.  During our first month of business I asked Donna to have lunch and to advise me, and although she did not know me, she quite generously agreed to do so.  Donna’s very successful promotion company, Bella Spark Productions, and her wonderful magazine, BellaSpark, represent the place where we are always headed – toward being a successful and fully-heart based business that touches peoples’ lives daily in a magical and meaningful way.  Donna, since our first lunch together, has become an occasional event partner as well as a valued friend and we cherish her and her partnership and advice. Yet another sparkly angel on earth, we as well cannot adequately express our gratitude to Donna in mere words.

If you feel you don’t know Satiama as well as you’d like, you can read about how we named the company by clicking here, or read our FAQs by clicking here.  And as we celebrate our second birthday, we’d enjoy receiving an e-mail from you to tell us what else you’d like to see Satiama engaged in, content you’d like us to offer, or just to let us know what you like best about Satiama.  Wish us a Happy Birthday or send us your input at – we’d love to hear from each of you, whatever your message.

But perhaps most importantly, as we move into our third year, we are most of all grateful for each and every one of you, without whom Satiama would not be possible.  You are each our real chocolate cupcake with sprinkles, our most meaningful reward and our most valuable partner.

We love you all so much!

Karen Stuth and Susan Stuth
Co-founders, Satiama, LLC