Everyone on the planet today has a gift for healing. Their gift may not be obvious but it is here and they are here for a purpose.  As a small child I was surrounded by small lights, white sometimes and other times colored. I thought everyone saw them until one day I mentioned them to my mother. I was told they were my imagination — so from then on I kept them a secret.

As I grew into my teens and went off to college they disappeared and I forgot about them. But then in my early 20’s things started happening that were unusual. My dreams began to materialize; the dreams I was having at night. Then when my daughter was about 8 we were out camping and sitting at the picnic table one night a bright pink and purple light suddenly burst over her head. I heard a voice say very clearly that this was Ivy’s guardian angel and I need not worry so much about her. At that instant I knew that all those lights I saw as a child were angels. It was as if someone was speaking to me in my head and I felt very much at peace. After that I saw her angel all the time and began to see them around everyone. I kept it to myself, unsure who I could share this with.

When my mother made her transition in 2005 I saw rings of angels around the ceiling in her room. Six months later when my partner also made his transition after a short bout with cancer I also saw them and this time I heard a voice tell me to share that with him and as soon as I did he took a deep breath and crossed over. He was at peace and needed permission. I have no doubt he was seeing them as well.

One week later I was fired from one of my jobs – left with a mortgage and feeling very alone.

After months of depression at this series of events I found another job. A co-worker there brought me an autographed copy of Inspiration by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I had been a fan for years. The book brought me back to life and shortly thereafter I saw an ad for the I Can Do It conference in Las Vegas; a weekend of workshops and speakers who were all Hay House authors. I had just enough money to attend but none left for airfare and hotel. For the first time in my life I gave this completely to Spirit – the Universe. I wrote a letter to Dr. Dyer thanking him for his ‘Inspiration’ and asked if I could have a hug at the conference where he would be a keynote speaker. Three weeks later I got a personal check from him with a note that said, “Come to the conference on me.” I was stunned and excited beyond belief. Needless to say, I went to I Can Do It and got my hug and also got a new friend.

It was here that I also met Dr. Doreen Virtue and found out that I was not the only one seeing lights and angels. After attending her Angel Therapy Practitioner training course the following spring I began my practice and found my purpose.   Everyone can work with their angels to improve the quality of their lives and find their purpose.  It is my purpose and delight to help others learn how to work with their angels on a daily basis.   I found my own healing gift and now have a fulfilling practice helping other interested souls bring this energy into their lives.

About The Author: Jeanette Dames, ATP® (Angel Therapy Practitioner), Licensed Love Yourself,Heal Your Life Teacher and certified medium, is now dedicated to helping others find their own soul purpose through workshops, readings and retreats. Please visit www.thesoulsedge.com for more information on Jeanette and her work, and tune in to www.soulsjourneyradio.com at 6 pm pacific Monday evenings for her radio show.