Think of the gift we have to offer you:  freedom.

Freedom in the sense that we lighten your burdens; we carry your

loads. We are your wings, carrying your spirit to planes only imagined

in the dark recesses of your brain. When we met there was

skepticism—did you want to go so far, so fast?  The opportunity was

offered, but you were uncertain.

There are as many truths as beings on the physical plane. Each

being sees the world according to personal perspective. Humans, however, are not united in their overall perspective,

as are animals. We network with each other and the spiritual plane and are privy to the one truth, which is eternal. We

are eternally truthful. You people have a hard time employing your own personal truth, let alone connecting to a

wisdom that is natural for animals. You measure the brain size of every species to determine intelligence. That is based

on a human scale and has no relevance whatsoever for other creatures. Do you think you display intelligent behavior

as a species? Let me explain to you what you remain surprisingly unaware of:  how we animals care for the world.

Every species is interdependent and supports the ecosystem it is a part of.

You will not see a coyote stockpiling rabbits for winter. You will also not see rabbits building walls to keep the coyotes

out. We trust in the wisdom that provides for our experience, and we are not attached to outcomes. This is because we

experience on many levels of reality. This is only one. You, Man, are the only creature who has created this idea of

dominion, of superiority. You are the only one to believe in opposites and must therefore protect yourselves from a

self-imposed idea; an idea that has life only in your reality—the one reality that you inhabit. We have only love. You

have the opposite, which is fear. Instead of surrendering to the flow of life, you must protect yourselves from the whole

experience. You have therefore come to consider yourselves co-creators with God, and instead of accepting life,

you try to change it. Do you really think you can do a better job than God? We don’t.

You have walled yourselves off from life by your ideas, and you call this intelligence. You believe having dominion

over something makes you superior, safe. If you can manipulate life, then you are in control, and being in control

makes you feel safe. You are not safe! You are in extreme danger of losing this experience you covet. We are trying to

communicate with you and show you the wisdom of a simpler way.

When I speak of carrying you, this is true in the physical sense, and it’s also an analogy for how we carry you

spiritually. When you connect to us, you connect to a higher truth. We show you how to experience honestly, freely.

We show you how to overcome your fears. We have given you a vision that all of you who connect to HORSE can relate

to. Riding across the clouds on a spirit horse, no constraint—just you and the horse—at one.  No fears; just freedom.

This is the image we send you again and again. You are seduced by it. It is your ultimate desire to live life fully in

that state. Yet again and again you recoil to that narrow perspective that is life lived through the ego. How did you

become convinced that there were limits in a limitless universe? We wonder, not being part of your delusion. On one

level you understand the truth I speak,  but on another, it threatens everything you hold dear. Why you hold it

dear is unfathomable, as it does not serve you well. Riding bareback across the clouds, with no constraint, is one of

your fondest desires. We can take you there. We can carry you across the clouds that block your understanding, that

obscure your vision. Listen to your heart, connect to our hearts, and trust what you remember to be true. It is all there

inside of us—who we are. You have just forgotten. Wake up and let us help you regain your trust.

Excerpt from The Truth According to Horses. To read more visit and click on the book titles