Michael BeckwithMichael Bernard Beckwith invites us to change our diet. What does this slim, trim guru of health and vitality recommend? It’s called the “Worry Free Diet,” Michael’s own weight loss program designed to help us shed excess pounds of negativity.

Breakfast begins with a little Cheery O’s. It’s a great way to zero out negative gossip and less than cheerful comments by friends and family. One simply responds with an “O?” (With a smile of course.)

For lunch, a big bowl of Not So Ball Soup. Ever feel like the world has been overrun by hickens?

Chicken Little, that is. When you’re confronted by a Chicken Little running around shouting “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” be bold with your answer. “Not so.”

Follow up with a large portion of Grateful Fruit. Ask yourself, “What can I be thankful for today?”

Several helpings of this and you will definitely shed a few negative pounds.

Finally, finish off the day with a man-size portion of the No TV Dinner. TV to negativity is like ice cream and chocolate to a dieter, it really packs on the pounds! Try substituting with some Tell-A-Vision. Michael suggests asking the question, “What is trying to emerge in my life. What amazing vision can I bring forth?” As you visualize it, share it! You’ve let go of all that negative weight you’ve been hanging onto, now’s your chance to pass on something positive.

Michael Beckwith, with wife and musician Rickie Byars Beckwith, bring their “Worry Free Diet” plan to Denver as part of their new PBS special The Answer Is You.

According to Beckwith, The Answer Is You is not a concert, not a lecture, but a powerful evening of music and inspiration that can change people’s lives.

In The Answer Is You Beckwith encourages attendees to ask themselves three questions:

  • How Can I Give?
  • How Can I Grow?
  • What Can I Celebrate?

Beckwith addresses profound questions often raised during times of challenge and change. The Answer delves deep into methods for manifesting prosperity and health; adopting mind sets and heart sets that empower individuals to live rich, fulfilling, positive lives; understanding universal laws and identifying a larger purpose in life.

The Answer Is You with Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith will be held Tuesday, October 19, 7:30 p.m. at Colorado Heights University Theater (formerly Teikyo Heights University.)

The event is sponsored by BellaSpark Productions and tickets are $30 general admission. Special VIP packages, which include a private reception with Michael and Rickie and VIP seating are available for $75.

Tickets are available at www.BellaSpark.com or through BellaSpark Productions, 970-443-0732.

Look forward to seeing a new slim, trim you in Denver on Oct. 19 for a fun-filled, energized evening with Michael and Ricki, and don’t forget to stop by the Satiama table and say “Hello!”

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