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The world of publishing is rapidly changing. SWR-logo-72

Large and venerated publishing companies are closing down or merging. With fewer players in the traditional publishing arena, first time writers and authors have a slight chance at best of having their manuscripts reviewed, and an even smaller chance that they will be accepted. Yet, with access to a wide variety of solutions, writers today can far more easily bring their books to market in print and/or e-book format and find success as an author.  Yet navigating the many steps to bring a book concept forward to successful fruition can be daunting – a bit like setting sail without a map – and many find themselves adrift in the process.

At Satiama, we’d like to be able to publish every book, but we have projects scheduled through end of 2019.  We’d like to help you bring yours to market, however and offer you the benefit of our experience and expertise to make that happen. For years we have mentored authors, artists, musicians and product designers through the writing, publication, marketing and distribution process and are now making our expertise available to you through a set of cafeteria-style services called Satiama Writers Resource.  We offer a set of services for writers at any stage; whether you have a completed manuscript, need mentoring to finish your book, are ready to print or publish or need strategic marketing assistance, we can help you along your path.

Whether your book concept or product is just a twinkle in your eye or already substantially ready for print, we can help to create a personal road map for your successful experience.

In fact, through the use of a mentor, you can avoid serious and costly mistakes in your manuscript and in the process of marketing, distribution and fulfillment.

You can learn whether your book concept is marketable, how to save money along all points in the publishing life cycle, and how to create a marketing plan that begins to work for you before your book is even published.

Our program is not a ‘cookie cutter’ set of solutions, but service offerings that each will be customized handcrafted to meet the dynamics and individual needs of your book project as well as the personal and professional experience each author might possess in particular areas.

Satiama Writer Resources offers a set of services for writers at any stage; whether you have a completed manuscript, need mentoring to finish your book, are ready to print or publish or need strategic marketing assistance or distribution, we can help you along your path.Our goal is simple and straightforward: to help you birth your book or product project into reality in an environment and manner that makes its success, and your own success, far more likely.

Our Service Offerings

Book Writing and Publishing 101:  A Virtual One-on-One Workshop

If you are asking any of the following or similar questions, then this service is for you.

  • I am writing or want to write a book or planning a product and am not sure what comes first?
  • How do I get my manuscript or concept from a twinkle in my eye into a well-marketed book?
  • I don’t know how to get my book illustrated.
  • Should I also bring my book out as an e-book?
  • Should I have my book professionally edited?
  • At what point I should look for book design and/or illustration, printing, fulfillment, marketing and public relations support? Where can I go for those resources?
  • Can someone outline the process steps for me to get my book printed or published?
  • I want to self-publish but have no money. What are my options?

This ‘starting place’ service bundle offers telephone or Skype consulting with authors who need a guided tour of the writing and publishing process.  Satiama Writers Resource will provide three telephone or Skype hours of education and consultation. This time can be split into two 1.5 hour sessions as an option, giving you time to prepare questions for your second mentoring session. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Writer Coaching, Editorial Assessment and Copy Editing

Wherever you are in your writing process, Satiama Writers Resource can provide professional writer mentoring, editorial assessment, and a range of editing services for your book manuscript from experienced and award-winning editors and published authors.

A service package will be customized to your project needs and the word count of your manuscript. Our mentoring, editorial, and editing services are provided by seasoned editors and authors who are well versed in bringing a manuscript forward to become a successful literary offering.

We offer manuscript analysis, basic copy editing, heavy copy editing, content and substantive editing, developmental editing, final proofreading and individual writer mentoring.

Editing services are based on several factors: type of manuscript, the complexity of the material, and the type and level of editing needed or requested. If your manuscript is finished or nearly finished, our menu of editing services outlined below might be most appropriate.

The main goal of all editing is to allow your message or story line, through your writing, to shine through. We will use the AP Stylebook or Chicago Manual of Style unless you want us to apply another standard. All documents must be submitted in digital Microsoft Word format. Word count is based on Word’s ‘word count’ feature.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Book and Cover Design, Illustration, and File Preparation

Price Quote Depends on Project

If you are asking any of the following questions or similar questions, then this package is for you.

  • I have written or am completing a book but believe I need some design in the layout, including chapter design.
  • I need someone to design and illustrate the book and the cover and lay out the book for printing.
  • I need help with selecting a title that is truly marketable
  • I need assistance with the other key inclusions to prepare the book for printing, including identifiers and copyright.
  • I need a cover design
  • I need my book to be put into final format to hand off to my printer.

Based on your project, manuscript or content, Satiama Consulting can help you select an illustrator that is subject-matter and budget-appropriate for your book project. We will work closely with you to deliver an illustrated or well-designed manuscript that results in high resolution, print-ready files according to the specifications you provide from the printer or publisher you have chosen. Our services are comprehensive and award-winning! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Navigating the Crowdfunding and Production Process

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, then this service package is for you:

  • My book is finished or nearly finished and I need help with finding a way to get it printed.
  • I need to learn about how to find a literary agent or present it to publishing companies for possible inclusion in their catalogs.
  • I need help with pricing.
  • How and when do I obtain an ISBN number?
  • I need help with planning a crowdfunding program to raise money to bring my book forward.
  • I want to self publish but feel overwhelmed by the many choices out there.
  • How and when should I also bring out my book in e-book format?
  • Should I only offer my book in eBook format?
  • I need help with e-book production.

We can help you with:

  • Navigating the selection of a printer or assistance with working with the printer and/or e-book conversion service
  • Understanding how to run a crowd funding campaign
  • Vetting and selecting a printer
  • Understanding the process to seek a literary agent or publisher
  • How to price your book  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Marketing, Selling and Distributing Your Booklibros006

If any of these describe your marketing, sales and distribution needs, this package is for you:

  • My book is printed or is being printed and I need help with bringing it forward to the market.
  • I need help with finding a way to fulfill orders.
  • I need help with building a website or with website design.
  • I need a logo.
  • I need help with setting up distribution channels.
  • I need help with setting myself up to sell on Amazon and create an Amazon author page.
  • I need to know how to set up a book tour.
  • I need help with creating a sell sheet.
  • I need to learn about how to apply for book awards.
  • I want to learn about which writer organizations I should consider joining.

Our Publication Marketing Services are fully customizable and can include any of the following:

  • Website or splash page
  • Logo design
  • Press release
  • Key industry memberships
  • Awards programs
  • Set up distribution channels and distributors
  • Order fulfillment options
  • Book signings, book tours and speaking engagements
  • Setting up your book through Amazon
  • Book reviews and testimonials
  • Help you to decide how, when and where to advertise or handle those services for you
  • Advertising design look and feel
  • Preparation of a sell sheet
  • License your international rights to overseas publishers and distributors for foreign language versions of your book.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive and customized marketing plan to reach your particular target market
  • Through Satiama, LLC, we can also offer distribution and order fulfillment and add you to our wholesale catalogue     CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Satiama Writers Resource is a service mark of Satiama, LLC.

Karen Stuth is the co-founder and co-owner of Satiama, LLC (  She has edited numerous books and brought forward from manuscript to best seller a number of category-leading titles including How the Trees Got Their Voices by Susan Andra Lion and Children’s Spirit Animal Cards by Dr. Steven Farmer, both multiple-award winning top sellers in their market.  She is a recognized expert in the publishing process, having successfully mentored a number of young writers, and is well-known for her marketing skills in bringing forward titles to public recognition on a small budget.

Julie Loar is an internationally-known author, speaker, teacher and writing consultant who has coached many writers to hone their skills and polish their work, including executives in leading US corporations. She served as a board member and instructor for The Wisdom School in Santa Fe. In addition to her numerous awards, she was a first prize winner in the 2014 in Writer’s Digest annual contest. She is the author of Goddesses For Every Day: Exploring The Wisdom & Power of The Divine Feminine Around The World, New World Library; Everyday Goddesses: Ancient Myths for Modern Women, Capella Press/BookSurge; Tarot & Dream Interpretation, Llewellyn Press; The Hidden Power Of Everyday Things, Simon & Schuster; and Messengers, Archive Press. Many of her works are also published in other languages.

In addition to our core team, Satiama Writers Resource also offers the services of numerous other team members whose editing, illustration and publishing credentials support our comprehensive offering.

We look forward to sharing your journey!




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