Quintangled: A Game of Strategy, Chance, and Destiny

Quintangled:  A Game of Strategy, Chance, and Destiny

Do you thirst for adventure? 
Do you long to prove your heroism?
Are you ready to begin a mystical, magical journey to save your world?

Enter the Magical Realm of Quintangled!

Enter the Magical Realm of Quintangled, a visually delightful and always fascinating board game of strategy, choice and the mysterious element of Destiny.

Channel your inner hero and quench your thirst for adventure as you explore the intricate world of Quintangled.  Every game experience will be different as you navigate the many opportunites and encounter twists of Fate which will craft your outcome each time you play.

d63ddf09-dac3-4a4e-b1da-d4047d489136The adventure of Quintangled is the adventure of life!



NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Up to 8 people can play Quintangled together, but we recommend between 2 to 6 players to allow the game to proceed at a steady pace.

AGE:  Appropriate for adults and kids ages 10 and above.

PLAY TIME:  Depends on the number of players; an average game lasts approximately one to one and a half hours.


Game board set-up is easy and fast: place cards and tokens in their appropriate places as marked on the game board.

You will begin by rolling the eight-sided die to determine the Character you will assume as a Knight, Lover, Jester, Healer, Dreamer, Sage, Monarch, or Priestess. Journey to The Wizard’s Castle, meet the Wizard and receive Magical Aid. Then step onto your chosen path to adventure, entering the magical, mythical and sometimes perilous realm of Quintangled.

Along the way, you’ll meet Oracles, helpers and hinderers, and encounter perils and pitfalls. You will learn how choices and the landscape of the game will transform your character. In the first half of the game, your character will traverse the winding paths of the world of Quintangled as you visit all four element corners, and perform your Shadow Act. You will then enter The Cave of Darkness, meet your animal ally, obtain your character’s talisman of power, and perform Heroic Feats as you prepare to journey home.  You will also encounter unexpected aid, gain wisdom, and earn points to become heroic and fulfill your character’s quest.

Quintangled is based on many of the elements of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, which is also the standard template on which some of the highest grossing Hollywood films have been built. In Quintangled, the archetype characters are called away from their ordinary life to embark upon a journey along a five-sided path — a quintile — where they must battle forces that could destroy them. Whether male or female, each game character must accomplish particular tasks and gain wisdom along the way as they travel their path to return home. Success is largely a function of your choices, your chosen strategy, the opportunities presented by your rolls of the die, and the elements of Fate and Magical Aid, as your and your fellow players vie to win the game.

HOW TO WIN THE GAME:  Unlike most games, where the first player to arrive home wins, in Quintangled once the first player returns home, players tally their points to learn who has earned the most points through accomplishing feats, overcoming perils, and obtaining Wisdom cards. Part of the strategy of the game is to keep an eye on what your opponents have achieved!

What is included in Quintangled:

1.  A colorful and visually exciting game board
2.  An 8-sided die and the game tokens you will need as you play the game
3.  Character cards, a deck of Magical Aid cards, a deck of Fortune cards, animal ally tokens and talisman cards — all to be earned as players traverse the board.
4.  A two-sided Q card which provides all the instructions to easily and quickly learn to play the game.

A Sample Character Card

A Sample Character Card

Quintangled was the ‘brainchild’ of esoteric scholar and author Julie Loar, and developed by Julie Loar, author-illustrator Sue Lion, and Satiama co-founder Karen Stuth. The gorgeous game board design and illustrations are the work of talented graphic artist and team member Sue Lion, whose design and artwork contribution has brought special magic to the game.

We loved creating this game and hope you will enjoy it as well!

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