When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Yogi Berra

We experience crisis in our lives. We deal with sickness. We endure unfortunate events. We cope with sadness, misfortune, hardship, and adversity.

On the other hand, we rejoice due to happy events. We embrace recovery from sickness and pain. We applaud a great comeback story.  We appreciate milestones, turning points that lead to prolific results. We celebrate life.

Yet, it is during the downside that we find ourselves turning to spirituality. Spirituality is not something that we should embrace only during times of trouble. Spirituality is the core of our well being. So, what is the notion of purposeful spirituality?

Our minds, bodies, and emotions work together. They need nourishment to work in harmony. Feeding our souls only during times of desperate need would be equivalent to eating only when depleted of nutrients. We then find ourselves in a constant state of catch up.

As an individual who likes to be constantly learning, discovering, engaging, and contributing, I find myself often pressed for time.  Not unusual given we live in a fast moving, busy society. Upon reflection, I had an epiphany moment. A point when I realized that with spiritual maintenance, I am a better friend, family member, business professional, human being. Through purposeful spirituality I found balance and the means to make decisions that are thoughtful, unselfish, focused, and optimal. Purposeful spirituality brings consistency and an open mind to challenges as well as a sharpness and clarity to see beyond negative forces that sometimes surround us.

Take some time for yourself and watch a sunset, breathe in the fragrance of flowers, watch seasons change, or observe your natural surroundings whether in a metropolitan or rural area. Reflect. As you reflect, you will find a creative, clear thinking perspective that you would not have otherwise discovered.   And, for a more holistic experience, do not wait until there is time of need in your life. Your well being will be grateful.

About The Author:  Steve Levine is a successful marketing executive/leader who consults with many premier technology, telecommunications, packaged goods, and services organizations of the world. He brings a creative yet real life perspective leveraging his combined expertise in marketing research, customer experience, and social media. He applies his expertise to both B-to-C and B-to-B situations.  Recently, Steve has spoken at industry conferences, led social media summer camp for a widely read publication, guest lectured at Temple University, and led many workshops for Fortune 1000 companies as well as small businesses. Contact Steve at stevelevine01@gmail.com/twitter @stevelevine1 /blog steve’s space /website strat360

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