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Lynne McTaggert: The Power of Eight

JULIE LOAR:  Good morning, and welcome to Satiama Radio.  I’m your host, Julie Loar, and this morning we are really fortunate to be speaking again with internationally best-selling author, Lynne McTaggert.  Today we’re going to focus on her new book, The Power of... read more

I See You by Robyn Jones

Driving with my sister through Texas the night before Hurricane Harvey hit, I witnessed one of those rare sunsets that no camera can possibly capture. Rich fuchsias and oranges melted into deep purples, and the rolling hills cast shadows that were so amazing we had to... read more

The Messy Sacred by Robyn Jones

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” ~Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell wrote often about sacredness, whether sacred spaces, sacred rituals, or sacred living. One definition of “sacred” means connecting with a God or gods, while another... read more

Return To The Nile 2018

Return to the Nile March 2018 Itinerary March 19: Depart from New York JFK airport to Cairo on Egypt Air March 20: Arrive in Cairo. Meet and greet upon arrival in airport. Assistance with entry visa, passport control, immigration, luggage claim and customs. Transfer... read more

An Interview with Lynne McTaggert by Julie Loar

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted by Satiama Radio moderator Julie Loar. Ms. Loar’s questions are in bold. (JULIE LOAR) We are very fortunate to be interviewing best-selling author Lynne McTaggert.  Lynne is one of the central authorities on the... read more

Supplication by Karen Stuth

Let me live with a heart as wide as the sky at the shore. Let my soul’s voice whisper to me like a purring cat. Let my words be heard as church bells ringing over ancient velvet hills. Let me feel my self-love like fleecy mittens caressing my face. Let my judgment... read more