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candlesMeditation, whether individually or as a group, is a vastly powerful and ancient technology available to each and every person. Through meditation we can receive inner peace, tranquility, Divine guidance, hear the voice of our angels and guides and receive messages from our soul. The following meditations are made available to you to enjoy and use daily, and offer many different styles and approaches to meditation and to their individual subject matter.

Just click on a link below, press play and sit back and follow the sound of the presenter’s voice, replacing their voice with your own thoughts, as they lead you to a place of strength, renewal and peace.

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Many Blessings from Satiama!

Power Up Your Brain Daily Planetary Meditation with Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Connect with others as you meditate

Connect with others as you meditate

Take time to be consciously aware as you tune in with others around the planet who are meditating at the same time.

From Power Up Your Brain, by Alberto Villoldo PhD and Dr. David Perlmutter.  Dr. Villoldo is the founder of The Four Winds Society Light Body School, which trains ethical and professional energy medicine practitioners. 10:13 minutes



Chakra Healing with Dudley Evenson


This meditation, by world-renowned sound healer Dudley Evenson, will elevate the function and aspects of each of the seven major chakras. The final part of the meditation will bring balance and harmony to the entire chakra system, leaving participants with an overall sense of balance. Dudley has included this meditation in the first half hour of her award-winning album Chakra Meditations & Tones that she and her husband, Dean Evenson, have created.  The second half hour of the album features toning with each of the chakras.  32:30 minutes



The Crystal Temple of Compassion with Jonathan GoldmanUlun Danu

Sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman has created a very special guided meditation for Satiama called “The Crystal Temple of Compassion,” an enhanced version of “The Heart Sutra,” from his Medicine Buddha CD, and a very powerful Tibetan mantra.  Jonathan believes that compassion is one of the most important aspects of consciousness that we can manifest at this extraordinary time in our evolution. This special guided meditation is designed to help listeners embody compassion in order to assist personal and planetary healing. 25.51 minutes



 9a55eca1-25fc-463a-98bd-e60547c79b13Magic Elixir of Love with Chrissie Blaze

The planets and stars move silently through the ethers of space, held by the great preservative force of creation — LOVE. Everything has a purpose. Everything in the Universe is alive. The earth, the moon, the sun, the countless stars, all are alive, are advanced sentient conscious Beings, millions of years ahead of us in evolution, as we are millions of years ahead of the atoms, molecules and cells within us. In this meditation, world-renowned astrologer, author and spiritual teacher Chrissie Blaze will attune us to the great energies of the Cosmos — known as Chi, Prana or the Universal Life Forces — where you will be guided to feel the power filling and clearing your mind, balancing and energizing your psychic centers, and filling your aura. Through guided visualization she will invite you to add these energies from the living ethers, the silent energy of love from our hearts and radiate this magic elixir outward to every living soul, animal and planet living upon our world, bring strength, hope, healing and love to all. 29:40 minutes.



Lucid Living with Tim FrekeMan - energy body - aura

Author and spiritual teacher Tim Freke invites you on a short journey to Lucid Living, a term he coined to describe the deep state of awakening. Through this meditation, you will begin to see that you have a deeper nature, that what you are is the awareness within which your life is arising like a dream, and that you are one with life. 14:30 minutes



The Satiama Meditations:  Connection

Increase your connection to other people, to the natural world, and to your own soul through this lovely and compelling meditative video that invites each viewer to experience the reality and the truth of oneness — our natural state of being — through the power of meditation. 3:23 minutes



Loving Kindness Meditation with Deb Shapiro

Author Deb Shapiro offer this powerful meditation about Loving Kindness Meditation, also knValentine's Day - dreaming cute child with red Heart in handsown as Metta, which is a powerful and transformative practice. It awakens our awareness of and care for ourselves and others, while also recognizing there is no essential separation between us. The meditation practice leads us through different stages, from developing this quality toward ourselves, our loved ones to people we may be having a hard time with, and finally to all sentient beings. This is the opening and expansion of our awareness from self-centeredness to other-centeredness. Loving kindness is like rain falling on dry earth, nourishing and nuturing; it opens the heart to love that abides within us all. We come to see beings as extensions of ourselves. 36:53 minutes



Winter Solstice Meditation with Sara Wisemanwinter

The following meditation, given to us by the deeply inspirational author, teacher and intuitive Sara Wiseman, is called, The Gift of Winter Solstice: Emerging into Light.On Winter Solstice—the longest night of winter—we are meant to be still, and to wait. For this is the time on the planet in which darkness gives way to the light. In this magical, enchanted moment of winter’s deep stillness, you are invited to release all burdens and pain and invite Divine light into your heart. Journey with us – to hope and healing – as the light arrives. 22 minutes.



lake yogaCalm the Lake of Your Mind with Sharon Myrah and Steve Skudler

Satiama contributors, artists and musicians Sharon Myrah and Steve Skudler offer this soothing lovely and transcendent meditation they crafted especially for Satiama. As they stated, “To calm the lake of your mind is to be still, relax, breathe gently and slow your mind. When you withdraw your restless thoughts from the lake of your mind, you behold your soul, a reflection of Spirit. You reconnect with your Higher Self. Meditation, along with beautiful soft music, is a perfect way to calm the lake of your mind.”  Steve Skudler’s transcendent music is also available in the Satiama online store. 25:01 minutes



Ascension Activation Meditation by Jonathan and Andi Goldmanball of energy

Ascension Activation is a guided meditation for shifting your frequencies—to activate your energy centers, yours cells and your consciousness. The sound goes deep into your DNA and at the same time activates higher aspects of your light body. Created especially for Satiama, this is an experience of sound, of the heart, and of mind that you won’t want to miss. The Ascension Activation guided meditation features the heartfelt and soothing voice of internationally known psychotherapist and sound healer Andi Goldman as she takes you on an inner journey of healing and transformation. Co-written and produced by Jonathan Goldman, Ascension Activation utilizes the extraordinary sounds of Jonathan’s best-selling, award-winning CD “2012: Ascension Harmonics.” This guided meditation will take you into the “Ascension Activation Chamber of the Crystal Temple” where you will receive vibrational encodement to be used as an evolutionary tool to enhance your compassion and consciousness. You will experience more loving kindness for yourself and for all beings and for your inter-relationship with All That Is. “Ascension Activation” will help you achieve greater harmony and resonance in these extraordinary times of shift and change. 21:26 minutes.


backgroundYou are a Divine Light by Dianne Collins

A special guided meditation that teaches and guides us, by spiritual author Dianne Collins. 19:57 minutes



The Satiama Meditations:  Love

Turn up your speakers and let this inspiring video open your heart, heal your life and increase your capacity to give love and receive love. Please share this video URL with others as we work to heal the world by increasing more of our essential and loving nature. This video is Satiama’s valentine to the Earth and its inhabitants. Enjoy every day and watch for positive changes in your life, in unexpected ways.


Breath Meditation by Dr. Steven Farmermeditation on beach

Steven Farmer takes us on a short meditation where our breathing takes us to a deeper, more meaning and richer experience of ourselves, bringing our awareness to the present moment and creating deep relaxation. A short meditation, this can be repeated over and over and as often in a day as you find beneficial. 10 minutes


Healing Grief:  Affirmations of Hope by Sunny Dawn JohnstonFlying Away

Spiritual author and teacher Sunny Dawn Johnston shares with Satiama her affirmations from various authors to help you move through loss/grief and create peace and hope in its place. With Soul Musician Kris Voelker’s musical support the vibration of these messages will shift your awareness to hope and healing. About 44 minutes in total.


Your Life As a Miracle by Sara Wiseman Sunrays in the forest

Author, spiritual teacher, intuitive and musician Sara Wiseman teaches about how to create our life as a moving miracle in this deeply meaningful and fascinating meditation. 26:02 minutes.


The Soul Technology of Meditation with Dr. Michael Beckwithman in yellow field

Join internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author Dr. Michael Beckwith as he ushers you into the temple of your own soul where more and more wonders of your existence will be revealed to you. Peace, love creativity, abundance and joy are imperishable gifts planted in your soul by God. In meditation you will learn how to tap into them, energize them and apply them to your daily life. Experience how meditation is the soul technology that governs your life energies and empowers them to help you create the life your learn to live.  29:45 minutes.


The Ocean of Love by Ram Dass

RAM DASS, one of America’s most beloved spiritual figures, has made his mark by teaching the path of the heart and promoting socially conscious business practices and care for the dying. He offers his wonderful Ocean of Love meditation to Satiama.




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