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In part 3 of this series of articles, I talked about using music to help quiet your mind during meditation, and as promised, I am going to share my favorite music and how I use it.

Learning to quiet my mind so that I can hear what my body is trying to tell me takes patience and practice, and there are days when I just can’t seem to get there on my own.  That is when I reach for the Chakra Meditation Music CD by Steve Skudler.  It is one of my favorites because it is so easy to use and so versatile.  It was written at the request of one of our friends who was just learning about the chakras and also learning how to meditate.  She was really struggling with quieting her mind while trying to remember things she had read about the chakras.  Knowing Steve was a musician and created relaxation music, she asked if he could come up with a CD that would give basic teachings about the chakras with music that would help open and balance the chakras while helping her quiet her mind.

The CD that Steve wrote and produced is unique in that it can be used if you have only 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or even a full hour.  The way Steve orchestrated the tracks; it can be broken down into very useful segments.

If I have 10 minutes or an hour, my favorite way of using this music is to find a time and place where I won’t be interrupted.  I have the Chakra Meditation Music CD all set to play.  I sit in a comfortable chair with my spine straight, my feet on the floor and with my back supported.  Often, when I start my meditation, my mind is restless, my breathing is shallow and I am unclear and unfocused.  I don’t feel much of a spiritual connection.

I begin to use my breath, inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose to a count of 10, holding the breath for a count of 10; then exhaling slowly through the mouth to a count of 10.  (If needed, a lower count can be used.)  I repeat this 5-6 times, until I feel my body begin to relax.  I then set my intent for the music to help open and balance my chakras, and then I hit the play button.  I stay in the ‘allowing state, and as I hear the name of each chakra, I “feel” the sound of the music, and I imagine it opening and balancing the chakra.  The textures of this CD spiral up the spine to the top of my head, one chakra at a time.

If I only have about 10 minutes, when the music starts over with the root chakra, I turn off the player; take a few more deep breaths while scanning my physical body with my mind’s eye to see if I am holding tension anywhere.  If so, I breathe into the area of tension, inviting it to let go.  I give thanks for the awareness and the healing, open my eyes, and go about my day.

If I have 20 minutes, I listen to part 2 of Track One.  During the second part, I add a positive affirmation when I hear the name of the chakra and its basic issue.

For example, I might add the following:

Root Chakra: Survival – “I am safe and secure.”

Sacral Chakra: Relationships — “I have healthy relationships.”

Solar Plexus: Self-esteem — “I accept myself completely.”

Heart:  Compassion —  “I open my heart to others.”

Throat: Communication — “I communicate clearly and effectively.”

Third eye:  Intuition —  “I trust my instincts.”

Crown:  Wisdom —   “I am one with God and all of creation.”

Again, I feel the music as a spiral, going up my spine. If this is all the time I have, after completion of the crown chakra, I turn the CD player off, check in with my body, breathe into any areas of tension that may remain, say a prayer of gratitude, and end the session.

If I have 30 to 40 minutes, instead of turning off the CD player, I listen to the 2nd track as well;  the sacred vowel sounds.  I feel the music in each energy center and allow the sacred sound to vibrate deep within.  By now I am much more relaxed.  I breathe into each chakra, feeling the “letting go” of tension and the feeling of peace that becomes stronger with each breath.  Track 2 goes through each of the chakras and the sacred vowel sounds twice, so if I only have 30 minutes, I turn the CD off when the music goes to the root chakra/sacred sound for the second time.

Track 3 is music only and I use it to intensify my meditation and go even deeper.  By this time, my breathing is usually much slower and I can breathe deeply, my body is relaxed and I am open to hearing guidance.  I feel my spiritual connection.  Sometimes an answer to a problem will come without any effort.  I often feel the incredibleness of my body and how it works.  When I am in a situation where I am unable to listen and meditate the way I would like, I start on Track 3.

As you can see, this CD offers many ways to work with the chakras, and that is why I love it.  It is one of my favorite tools to un-kink my energy system.  If you have a favorite piece of music, learn to use it in creative ways.  The more often you use a piece of music during a meditation, the quicker your body begins to remember and to relax.  If you find you don’t have time to sit in quiet meditation, still put the CD on, knowing that over time you have formed a resonance between your body and the music, and just hearing it will remind your body to relax.  With awareness, intention, and practice, everyone can make a difference in their overall health and wellness by learning about and caring for their chakras.

About The Author:  Sharon Myrah is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor.  She is on the faculty at Front Range Community College as a part-time instructor in the Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate Program.  To learn more about Chakra Meditation Music or purchase this wonderful CD, click here.

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