Tools to Un-kink your Energy System               

Sharon MyrahIf you have been with me since the beginning of this series and completed the energy assessment, practiced the tools of awareness, information gathering, intention/ visualization, and meditation, you are well on your way to learning how open and balanced chakras affect health and wellness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Because meditation is such an important tool,  what I want to talk about in Part 3 is what to do when you try and meditate and you can’t quiet your mind.  Learning to quiet your mind and listen to your body, takes practice and patience.  On days when it just doesn’t work to do this on your own, try using music.

Music has the ability to invoke in us an emotional response within seconds while leaving a lifelong impression.  This is true of every genre, from punk rock to classical.  It has a powerful affect on the body and the mind.

Music not only stirs our memories and emotions, it also creates a physiological response in our bodies, similar to the one we had in the initial experience.  This phenomenon can be a wonderful tool when slow, soothing, meditative relaxation music, played at a low volume, is used to quiet the mind. 

While cellular memory is still considered a theory and yet to be proven, there is reason to believe that when a resonance with music occurs, it is being stored in the cells of our bodies, not just in the brain.  The more you resonate to a piece of music and the more you play it, the less time it takes for your body to respond when hearing it.  You can bring intention/visualization into it by setting your intention that every time you hear a particular piece of music, relaxation and calming will occur.  Visualize yourself calm and relaxed.

Music is an inexpensive and very effective  tool to use to help un-kink your energy system.  It is a tool you can reach for often on your healing path/spiritual journey; one that can help release tension, lessen resistance, diminish worry and fear, and help you return to a place of calm, where peace and joy can fill your heart. 

Listening to meditative music can help open and balance the chakras on a vibrational level, and when the chakras are open and in balance, healing can take place.   Music  can lift your body, mind and spirit to a higher vibration and create a feeling of overall well being. 

Next month, I will share some of my favorite music and how I use it in meditation.

Sharon Myrah is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor.  She is on the faculty at Front Range Community College as a part-time instructor in the Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate Program.  She is co-owner of Twin Flames Production, a business that promotes original music by Steve Skudler.

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