Eva Black Tail Swan

Eva Black Tail Swan

As a young child, Eva was called to work as a voice for Creator. Eva-Black-Tail-SwanAlthough her faith in and devotion to Creator had always been forefront and strong, in the early 1980s she experienced a very personal, difficult transformation and has since walked a continuous path of spiritual growth and enlightenment that includes sharing her spiritual journey with others.

“We are born as brothers and sisters, our Father above and our Mother the Earth provide within each of us a sacred fire that connects all people with all things.”
We Are One People
gu s di i da da dv hni
Eva’s Native American name, given to her by her grandmother, speaks of her character, her deeds, her purpose in life, her spirit and her very essence.

In the Cherokee tradition it is a great honor for “black” to be a part of your name. It is a term of respect, especially in regard to medicine people.

Black, which contains every color, speaks of one who walks in balance, possessing a deep understanding of the balance between human and divine as well as a complete knowing of Oneness. Black also recognizes that this person stands in the center of the great wheel of life, having embraced all people, all races, both genders, all species, all ages, all nations, all cultures, all beliefs and all worlds.

Tail most often refers to one with inherent ability to maneuver through any situation. Tail speaks of one who is perfectly balanced and so aligned with Creator that they have the ability to assist others by guiding them toward their path as well as helping them to stop quickly in order to avoid disaster. Tail speaks of one who is insulated and protected from negative forces, born with a strong connection to the “high place,” one who is given extra power of forward movement as well as the ability to steer easily and knowingly. Tail also speaks of one who is unable to deceive. When the colors black and white are represented along with Tail, it speaks of one’s ability to walk in two worlds, the ability to offer one’s spirit for the use of others and to connect with the spirits of others to better assist them.

Swan medicine speaks of one who travels into all dimensions and share the knowing of these dimensions generously with others. Swan has an inherent ability to transform and so teaches others how to accept the shifts and changes they call for. In the eyes of Swan, you will always be seen as your highest and most beautiful self. You may feel especially good in the presence of Swan, for you stand in the reflection of your own beauty. Swan people have an excellent use of words, although they actually receive information through feeling and emotion. Swan people are sensitive people by nature, which makes them sensitive to others. The most recognizable attribute of Swan is their long neck, which speaks of their ability to act as a bridge between worlds (between the “high place” and the Earth). Because Swan can travel this bridge as well, Swan is also known as a Messenger for Great Spirit. Swan is one of the oldest known totems, which means that Swan people have an exceptional understanding of old wisdom, which Swan brings through for our use from the “High Place.”  To learn more about or purchase her offerings, please click here.

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