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The Seven Whispers

The Seven Whispers


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The Seven Whispers

Maintain peace of mind
Move at the pace of guidance
Practice certainty of purpose
Surrender to surprise
Ask for what you need and offer what you can
Love the folks in front of you
Return to the world

In The Seven Whispers, journal writing pioneer Christina Baldwin teaches us to listen to the inner voice that originates from each of our souls — the voice of spirit. Though we may call this voice by whatever name has meaning for us — spirit, intuition, or God — hearing it is a universal human experience. Built around seven phrases, or whispers, Baldwin’s book is a personal guide for finding and listening to that voice. A powerful call to reenvision our lives, told in the voice of a trusted friend, The Seven Whispers delivers a wonderfully inspiring yet practical spirituality.

Editorial Reviews

The connection with our spirit is like a phone line, explains Christina Baldwin in The Seven Whispers. "Sometimes I turn the ringer off. Sometimes I ignore the ringing. Sometimes I pick up the phone with suspicion. Sometimes I get impatient with the interruption." The irony, of course, is that "unlike a lot of other calls, the one from Spirit is the one we are hoping to receive." Baldwin (Life's Companion) excels in helping readers converse with the divine. Here, she devotes a chapter to each of the "Seven Whispers of spiritual commonsense":
1) Maintain peace of mind ("the cornerstone of a spiritual life")
2) Move at the pace of guidance ("rehumanize our speed of life")
3) Practice certainty of purpose ("a commitment to figuring out why we are here and what we are going to do about it")
4) Surrender to surprise (this helps us "practice the resilience we need to respond to whatever life offers")
5) Ask for what you need and offer what you can ("become spiritual traders of life's energy, time and abundance")
6) Love the folks in front of you ("look for the good in people even if we don't think it's there")
7) Return to the world (remove yourself from the simulated world and "return to the world of the body, the senses, the world of Nature")

This is a compact book, packed with a wise woman's spiritual homilies. While no one can make Spirit phone home more often, Seven Whispers will certainly eliminate the static and make for a better connection. --Gail Hudson


From Publishers Weekly

Self-exploration pioneer Christina Baldwin (Life's Companion; Calling the Circle) urges readers to connect with the spiritual world in The Seven Whispers: Listening to the Voice of the Spirit. Baldwin shares her own personal daily meditation, which consists of seven phrases maintain peace of mind, move at the pace of guidance, practice certainty of purpose, surrender to surprises, ask for what you need and offer what you can, love the folks in front of you, return to the world that she explains in the seven chapters of this volume, showing readers how to attain these attitudes by listening to their inner voice.

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“I am stunned with gratitude for the gift of this book. Christina has created a cloudless, poetic, loving map, a stunningly beautiful and universal invitation to an engaged, daily spiritual life.” — Jennifer Louden, author of The Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life “Christina Baldwin’s story and insights of the heart tell us how to get where we all want to go: home to the infinite Mystery that lives within and around us.” — Oriah Mountain Dreamer, author of The Invitation and The Dance “The Seven Whispers will speak softly to your soul. A beautiful book of wisdom.” — Richard Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff “With this book, Christina steps into her rightful role of spiritual teacher. Her teachings are gentle, clear, and loving. She describes the path we each must walk in simple, vivid stories, all the while encouraging us to join her in the spiritual journey. I continue to learn from her in so many ways.” — Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science and Turning to One Another

About the Author

Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea are the cofounders of PeerSpirit, Inc., an educational company that teaches circle practice. Baldwin is the author of five preceding books, including Calling the Circle and Storycatcher. Linnea is the author of Deep Water Passage and Keepers of the Trees.

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