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The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart: An Emotional and Spiritual Handbook

The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart: An Emotional and Spiritual Handbook


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Add layoffs, foreclosures, and skyrocketing health-care costs to the inevitable crises of every life, and you have today’s landscape. Amid these challenges, even those who thought they had solid coping skills feel that their center cannot hold as things fall apart. In her first book in many years, bestselling author Daphne Rose Kingma takes us on a path of emotional and spiritual healing, with particular attention to the complex and frequently overwhelming circumstances of our lives right now. The perfect combination of empathic friend, sage counselor, savvy problem solver, and even gallows humorist, Kingma looks straight into the predicaments so many of us face. She then offers ten deceptively simple yet profoundly effective strategies for coping on practical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

The devastating events cannot be changed, but after reading this book, you will be, having recovered a sense of equanimity, spirit, and strength. Whether you’re struggling with money issues, job loss, relationship problems, an unexpected health crisis, or all of the above, this book will light your path and heal your heart.



“Anyone going through a dark night of the soul needs to have this book. It will be your closest companion and your most tender angel. Daphne Rose Kingma more than speaks to your soul; she knows how to heal it.”
Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love

“What if, during the worst times you can imagine, you felt a warm and steady hand on your back guiding you forward? What if it helped you remember to turn toward what can be possible instead of against yourself or away from what you are afraid of? This book is that hand. Put it by your bedside and you’ll sleep better. Read it and you’ll live better.”
Dawna Markova, PhD, cocreator of Random Acts of Kindness

About the Author

Originally cherished as a “best-kept secret” while in private practice as a psychotherapist, Daphne Rose Kingma has ascended to renown through her dozen best-selling books, which are embraced the world over by their countless recipients of her empathy and insight. Coming Apart, The Future of Love, and The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart are but the best known of these. Reach anywhere in her work and a heartfelt, healing hand will be offered in response. A longtime resident of Santa Barbara, California, Daphne is also a frequent workshop leader at Big Sur’s prestigious Esalen Institute.

Paperback, 240 pages

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