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The Truths of Tula

The Truths of Tula


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A Colorado artist discovered her muse in a painting where Tula emerged unintended, unannounced and unexpectedly captivating.  Two years later, Tula’s truths and her muse’s voice continue to infuse a body of work by Dianna Cates Dunn that offers each of us a shared view of Tula's joyful, riotously colorful and deeply insightful world.  Tula's 'truths' about life and her inner beauty shine a luminous beacon of love and hope for every one of us. This is a book you’ll want to own and enjoy again and again for a lifetime. An ideal gift for anyone who loves the beauty of art and the inspiration of meaningful worlds.

The book contains images of each of the first 20 Tula paintings.

"The Truths of Tula" is a soul-enlightening book of paintings and musings about a muse, a very specific individual but also Everywoman sort of muse, who chose to manifest to the amazing and talented artist/ author, Dianna Cates Dunn. Twenty colored reproductions of paintings of the muse Tula are included, done in acrylic/collage on canvas. Each page of reproductions is embellished with a facing page of a central inspiration or idea, expanded into a guided meditation suggestion or life narrative. The reader/viewer is gently invited to share the offerings of the muse, Tula, and to discover its individual application to her/his own life. "The Truths of Tula" is a very sensitive, introspective sharing of a great artist's sequence of visions. The lack of facial features of the individual painted as Tula encourages and allows many different individuals to identify with the muse, Tula. The amazing artwork is inviting, sensitive, vibrant, and compelling. "The Truths of Tula" is almost a visual guide or artistic journal lighting a pathway to leading a richer, fuller life, fully sourced in the Now. The award-winning author/artist has created a lovely book to showcase her thoughts and visions for everyone.

Nancy Lorraine, Senior Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review


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