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Nosey's Wild Ride on the Belle of Louisville

Nosey's Wild Ride on the Belle of Louisville


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Category: Children's Books

WINNER, Literary Classics Gold Medal, Early Reader Picture Book
WINNER, Creative Child Magazine 2017 Seal of Excellence Award
WINNER of the Story Monsters Recommends Seal from Story Monsters Magazine, a children's literary magazine.
WINNER of Mom's Choice Awards for Excellence Gold Medal 2016.

Nosey's Wild Ride on the Belle of Louisville is a story about a steamboat on the Ohio River, the Belle of Louisville. She is the only steamboat in the country built during the Great Steamboat Era (the 1820s to the 1920s) that is still cruising! A mischievous cat wanders on board the Belle and leads four children on a wild chase all over the boat. This rascal of a cat causes pandemonium wherever he goes. In turn, the children learn what makes a steamboat unique.

This book, authored by Martha Driscoll, includes the whimsical ink and colored pencil drawings of award-winning artist Sue Lion, as well as a Seek-&-Find activity for young readers. Both children and adults will enjoy this historically accurate and highly informative book about one very special steamboat — the Belle of Louisville.

Written by Martha Driscoll, Illustrated by Susan Andra Lion. Hardback, 11 x 8.5 inches, 32 pages. Full color throughout.


"Martha Driscoll's love of steamboats brings the beauty and charm of history into the modern-day escapades of a mischievous cat! Before there were fast trains, big trucks, and busy highways to move heavy freight, the steamboat was a main means of hauling cargo from one riverbank to another. The Belle of Louisville was built in 1914, and is still plying the waterways of the United States today. Her later years find her with a much lighter cargo as she now carries happy faces on leisurely adventures. Our nosey little cat seems to have an interest of his own as sneaks aboard the Belle. His wild caper engages the attention of four youths traveling on the Belle that day, as they chase him from bow to stern, giving us a wide view of the powerful boat and its workings. This madcap adventure comes to a splashing end with one sassy cat overboard, and the reader with a grand appreciation of the oldest steamboat still afloat! Illustrations by award winning artist Susan Andra Lion add a light and whimsical touch, and the Seek & Find activity for young readers brings a fresh means to keep interest and focus alive throughout the story." - Cristy Bertini, editor-in-chief, Story Monsters Ink magazine

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