Apollo the Misguided Missile

Apollo the Misguided Missile by G. W. Wilkins

Illustrated by Michelle Rich Williams



A kids’ tale about a missile?  Apollo is no ordinary missile and this is no ordinary anti-bullying book, but a wonderful and heartwarming tale about a heroism, creative thinking, and most of all, about peace, communication and how the most difficult of problems can have an unusual and wonderful outcome.

As a father of four, Colorado-based author G. W. Wilkins has always been interested in stories for children and  has developed a number of tales for empowering children, with positive messages to help them form a better world. In 2016 Wilkins will bring forward the first of these — Apollo the Misguided Missile.

double-pg9-10A picture book for kids ages 3 to 7, the story of Apollo is important to young people who are forming communication, team work and leadership skills as they learn, through the story of Apollo, about the power of sharing ideas and the tools that can result in peaceful, non-violent resolution of conflict and even bullying. Learning to use communication to create a common understanding with others are important skills for kids of all ages. 


As bullying in schools and conflict in the world often seems pervasive, kids need stories that include role models, ideas and tools to help diffuse conflict in their daily lives. Apollo the Misguided Missile is beautifully illustrated by talented artist and graphic designer Michelle Rich Williams.  Her delightful, whimsical and original paintings help to tell the tale of the war-mongering Boar tribe, of a child’s idea to use conversation as a path to resolution, of heroic Iggy and his valiant journey to help save his village, and of Apollo, a missile who wants to be better than the purpose for which he was built. Will Iggy succeed?  Will the Village of Bliss be saved and what will become of Apollo?Map

Apollo the Misguided Missile has already won the StoryMonsters Approved seal AND Mom’s Choice Awards for Excellence Gold Medal.

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