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Circle of Peace by Joyce Huntington

Circle of Peace by Joyce Huntington

“During a special Buddha meditation in the garden I watched the space within our circle turn into Light and from this Light white doves came spiraling out, flying endlessly skyward. Peace to the planet.”

Joyce Huntington was born in Seattle, WA, but spent most of her formative years in the desert southwest, where, as a precocious, dance-obsessed child, Joyce faced a near-death bout with polio. No longer able to dance, her creative spirit found new expression in painting…

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Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards by Donna DeNomme — FREE

Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards by Donna DeNomme — FREE

For a very limited time and in a limited quantity, we are giving away some of these wonderful decks as an early holiday gift from Satiama. The colorful 44-card deck and accompanying booklet was created to help build confidence, personal trust, a belief in the overall good of life and your precious, evolving self.

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Endless Unfoldment by Joyce Huntington

Endless Unfoldment by Joyce Huntington

“This painting came in stages. I knew it was to be large and square and that particular shade of green before I had a complete image. I felt there was a figure and after a very quick gesture drawing a head and vague indication of a body emerged. It was the Mary energy, a posture of total openness and compassion. Another meditation brought the rose. Throughout the painting process the energy remained one of opening and peace and safety. The more I sit with it the more layers are opened up.”

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Wholeness Meditation MP3 Version by Trina Brunk

Wholeness Meditation MP3 Version by Trina Brunk

The music and affirmations for this Wholeness Meditation CD trace through a full healing cycle and gently support you in accessing the healing dynamic inherent in your life. In Rain Song we grapple with forgiving Spirit for painful experiences; Goodbye is an invitation to face and grieve loss. The River re-opens the possibility of trusting the flow that we are all part of. Alleluia is a gentle freeform celebration of life, while I Am Here affirms a healthy relationship with our inner child, affirming our power to attract and accept good in our lives.

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CROOKS IN SUITS: When companies cheat and lie we lose faith in our society by Ravi Dykema

Do you try to obey rules and act ethically? I do. I think it is one small way I can make the world a little better.

But periodically an everyday-brand company gets caught lying, stealing, cheating, and even killing customers. What are we to make of this? Do they not care?

One of the largest international automakers purposely spewed poisons out of its cars exhaust pipes, 40 times the allowed amount..

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A Review of How the Trees Got Their Voices by Susan Andra Lion

We’re so honored that The Midwest Book Review chose our book, How the Trees Got Their Voices, for the book review publication “Children’s Bookwatch” for September 2015. Their editor in chief just sent us a copy of the review, which we find delightful: “Already a multi award-winning title, “How the Trees Got Their Voices” is a nature story of the interconnectedness of species in a forest setting. Filled with intricate, colorful, appealing illustrations of trees, plants and animals in a typical mother Earth forest, “How the Trees Got Their Voices is actually at least two stories in one book. The first story is narrated in text beneath each page-filled illustration, explains the ancient magical myth tale of how the trees got their voices. Enchanting illustrations show the face of Mother Earth and the sighing presence and voices of the trees as they give their precious gifts to all the creatures they shelter. A second layer of the story is presented in many embedded sidebars of information and ideas about the trees, animals, birds, insects, and flowers that live with the trees. A stunning central illustration shows a maple tree trunk with falling leaves overshadowing a cross section of different hibernating creatures cradled and cuddled in burrows beneath the roots, including a fox, rabbits, a bear family, a skunk, a toad, mice, a bobcat, and ants, plus seed caches. Lovingly presented and peopled with living trees who shelter all manner of earth’s creatures, “How the Trees Got Their Voices” is a children’s classic, destined for many hours, days and years of enjoyment and wonder.” Thank you, Midwest Book Review, and... read more

September 2015 Cosmic Check-in by Beatrex Quntanna

September brings us into full bloom as we enter the realm of Virgo. Here we experience reality as it relates to our Leo aspirations last month that came forward with such radiance and grace. It is under the Leo umbrella that we remember our original intention for being here on earth and get re-inspired by the sun’s radiance and potential during that time. Then the reality of Virgo and the earth element hits us with reality, like trying to fit a size 16 body into a size one.

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Embodying Feminine Power by Julie Loar

Forty millennia ago a Great Goddess was revered, and clay figures of her are the earliest depictions of humans that have been found. Cultures were more agricultural, time was experienced as circular, and the growing cycles of earth were honored. Seasonal festivals celebrated the annual ebb and flow of life as people moved in conscious resonance with

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July 2015 Cosmic Check In by Beatrex Quntanna

This month is fully equipped with 2 full moons, one on the first day of the month and the second one on the 31st the last day of the month—plus 6 planets sharing space in water element just in time for the new moon on the 15th. This is an opportunity to be fully feminine and fully alive, doubling the magnet field, advancing evolution to be open to “High Touch” rather than

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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – Intense and Significant by Chrissie Blaze

Mercury retrograde periods seem to come round very quickly, and there is a tendency to worry about them and what they might bring. The next one is an extra intense one in Gemini from May 19 through June 11.In Gemini, Mercury is in its “own sign” since Mercury is the natural ruler of the sign of Gemini. The Air sign of Gemini is closely associated with

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