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HOLIDAY SPECIAL!! 25 engaging, original drawings. Tablet-bound, frameable quality paper stock appropriate for colored pencils, markers and crayons.  FREE with the purchase of any book from Satiama until December 31, 2016.

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A Virtual Library and Meditation Hall.  Satiama Writers Resource. Our online store of  high quality mind-body-spirit products. Satiama offers opportunities, experiences and tools to support and inspire your daily journey!

Satiama Writers Resource


Transforming writers into successful authors


The Truths of Tula


A book of wisdom, observations on life and truly stunning art!  An ideal gift for anyone who loves the beauty of art and the inspiration of meaningful worlds.

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Apollo the Misguided Missile

Offer  young readers ideas for peaceful conflict resolution and team work — foundational ideas for our next generation. Mom’s Choice Gold Medal.

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The Satiama Meditation Hall

Enjoy and use our expanding collection of free guided meditations from renowned teachers, authors and artists.

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2017 Moon Book by Beatrex Quntanna

Use the 2017 Moon Book to follow the Sun and the Moon through the zodiac and note the cycles of illumination and reflection. The Moon is the great cosmic architect, the builder and dissolver of form and foundation. The Full Moon is about dissolving obstacles and outdated patterns so we can become

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Leadership Power Bracelet by High Chi

Step into a more powerful role. Power is the ability to act. Lapis – Intensifies Memory, Communication Leadership, Harmony. Turquoise – Strengthens Personal Power, Luck, Protection, Immortality. Jade – Healing, Inner Peace, Balance…

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Bird Cards: The Power of the Bird Kingdom

Bird Cards reveals the characteristic energies of 55 well-known and lesser-known birds, complete with meditative affirmations, and explains how they can bring extraordinary clarity and insight to the issues we face every day. Discover how the cuckoo calls us to new beginnings, while the ibis reveals the heart of the matter. And how the sparrow signals a need for companionship, while the eagle encourages you to reclaim your power.

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Guardians of Being: Spiritual Teachings from Our Dogs and Cats

This wonderfully unique collaboration brings together two masters of their fields, joining original words by spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle with delightful illustrations by Patrick McDonnell, the creator of the acclaimed comic strip MUTTS. Every heartwarming page provokes thought, insight, and smiling reverence for all beings and each moment.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

It’s that time of year again when we begin to think and plan for the holidays, including gift-giving for our friends, loved ones and even, and especially, ourselves. More than simply an exercise in ‘getting it done,’ the adventure of finding the perfect gift can be delightful fun as well as a fascinating journey to surprising tools and opportunities for your loved ones or yourself….

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Cosmic Check In Late August 2016 by Beatrex Quntanna

Hold on to your hat … a bumpy road is ahead. First, the Sun is no longer in Leo. Virgo is in the power seat right now so you will notice that the giant directive from the Sun has moved down into details. All that has been bright now shines its light on your body... read more

August 2016 Forecast by Beatrex Quntanna

A MEGA MOON in Aquarius is coming up on the 18th — hold on to your hats. First and foremost it is important for all to remember that Aquarian moons are about sudden changes and re-arrangement of plans. In other words…

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Write Your Book, Tell Your Story

The simple truth is this:  every person is a visionary with a unique story to tell. Whether that story is your own autobiographical story, whether it is a work of fiction, whether poetry is your medium or whether you tell your story through art, music, dance or some... read more

Back Seat Machine Gunners by Daniel Woo

My younger brother and I loved family drives when we were very young, before the fights between our parents took away all our joy. My ex-fighter pilot dad would relentlessly press down the accelerator of the VW bug he bought after getting a job at IBM. Dad would... read more

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