“Hello, how are you?”

Those words leave my body and I smile from deep within my heart, as if I am trying to telling this passing vessel how much they are loved unconditionally and that I appreciate their existence with such simple words.

Each day is a unique opportunity to engage our fellow brothers and sisters in spirit with the sincerest of intentions and offer our love and gratitude.  Open your heart to accept their reciprocal love or benevolently carry their weight and understand they are still healing and learning, as we all are. Love them as their mother loves them, because that which stands before you is an extension of your own heart and unconditional love is the greatest gift we can offer another. Just as spirit is always there, so must our love be ever present. Be aware the potential exists in us all to both receive and give that unconditional love and when our paths cross with another, we may create a torus of love and spirit and our hearts will be overflowing.

“What I understood was: He was loving that which in me which was behind my personality and behind my body…It wasn’t interpersonal love, it wasn’t possessive love, it wasn’t needful love, it was the fact that he is love.” Ram Dass, Be Here Now

Positive interactions with our fellow travelers subconsciously reassures and reminds us we are all one through spirit. Engage with your conscious heart…Be Love.

About the Author: Cliff lives in Colorado with his wife and three daughters, hikes the mountains and looks for answers.

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