The new moon in Aries today is at 7:57am PDT. Take some special time for yourself — Aries sun and Aries moon are together integrating your inner and outer realities so your future self can stand tall in your spring garden.

The power of your I AM statement can bring you to a new place of unconditional confidence needed for this year of acceleration. The Arcane Law of Re-definition is here now to insure your new position of power. (Power is defined as your ability to take action.)

Venus retrograde is going to be coupled with the Sun, adding power if you can accept it. If not, a debilitation could occur – the choice is yours. Sunflower plant remedy is perfect for building confidence. You can order it on-line from Flower Essence Society. For those who use Yoga, the mountain pose is perfect for your physiology to accept the I AM Mantra.

Mercury and Saturn are slowing down adding a mental quality to life; please consider using your mind to determine options rather than questions. In other-words don’t think, use thought.

Special message: while this new surge of love is entering the planet it is important for everyone to know that many things will disappear, leaving empty spaces. The solar winds are sweeping the residue away adding to the chaos here on the planet. Let the wind blow and make space for the new energies to enter. If you judge the wind you are defining it and the negativity will grow. If you let the winds blow a clean sweep happens and the entrance of the new comes forward. Hang some wind chimes in your yard to accelerate beauty into the motion during the winds and your mind may begin to accept sweetness.

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