Feminine aspects will be forging into consciousness right now. Venus went retrograde on the 4th of March and stays there until April 15th. Venus is a very good co-dependent so we can check out her location in our chart to see what we are depending upon. It is in ARIES. The questioning self is going to try to identify with the Aries traits being a leader, a warrior, and champion. Doing this will determine how you measure up and will determine your mood. The main thing to remember is that Venus and Aries are known for their need to receive immediate gratification on all levels at all times. Expect the urge for brat attacks to be part of your day. Be aware – because as it moves toward the full moon in Virgo on the 12th it will be asking us to take the risk to be perfect and claim mastery from our actions.

Keep the lid on the paint and tip toe past all events that may lead you to explosive action. This particular moon will encourage performance anxiety and could be stressful. Come to moon class on the 8th at 7:00PM and learn how to work with these influences so that when the moon shows up full you can truly recalibrate. Remember that Venus has a goal for us to learn to feel valuable. Let’s see how that may work for you. Don’t forget to bring your astro-chart. And please let me know that you will be here.

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