We are living in an historic moment as we can feel in our bones.  As I write Venus shines at her brightest in the sky, slowing as she comes to her closest approach to the Earth preparing to station retrograde on March 4 and then travel across the face of the Sun from our view on Earth.

Venus is completing a Leo Cycle right now, which is to say that the Queen Goddess, the Sovereign Feminine, the Vision Carrier Woman, has been in a deep initiation for the past 19-months and is preparing to emerge fully into our world in the coming year–strengthened by the North Node moving into Leo in June and the Leo Total Solar Eclipse of our Lifetime in August.

We have been feeling Her emergence, Her birthing within all of us, and the birthing pains that come with Her emergence.  We have heard Her growl in the Women’s March on Washington and we have felt her deep impatience with the last rumbling, stale, rotten thrashings of the dying patriarchy and the damage it is doing to our Earth, our human communities.

What follows Her Royal Rise is a new Aries Venus Cycle, initiated on March 31 when Morning Star Venus rises in Aries.  This 19-month Aries Cycle will feature the initiation of the Fierce Feminine, Warrior Goddess, Wild Woman, Rising Up like the great Goddesses Sekhmet, and Durga, to bring a world out of balance into balance again.

This Warrior Women Video Created by Cayelin and me speaks to the Warrior Woman archetype and her deep significance in our time (scroll down on the page to locate the video).

The birth of one Fire Goddess and the deep initiation of another signifies a year where the Solar Feminine is waking up–within women and men–and the armoring of patriarchy is being shaken loose so we can stand in our Feminine Power fully, grounded in the Mother, bringing fierce love, deep presence, and spiritual quickening into our world at every level.

The Leo-Aries Venus Retrograde Portal: Taking the Quantum Leap

This window of time where Venus is Retrograde, from March 4 to April 14, is an Initiatory window where a profound quantum leap can be made in our lives and in our world.  This is a period where Venus is at her greatest strength, she has been initiated into her full power, and she is moving from one state of being into a completely different state.

We have been in the preparatory window for “takeoff” which feels similar to when a space shuttle is on the Earth preparing for takeoff where it is shaking and reverberating violently.  In the words of astronaut Chris Hadfield:

“Launch is immensely powerful, and you can truly feel yourself in the center of it, like riding an enormous wave, or being pushed and lifted by a huge hand, or shaken in the jaws of a gigantic dog.

As one set of engines finishes and the next starts, you are thrown forward and then shoved back.  The weight of over 4 Gs for many minutes is oppressive until suddenly, after 9 minutes, the engine shuts off and you are instantly weightless.  Magic, Like a gorilla was squishing you and then threw you off a cliff. Quite a ride.”

Does that strike a chord for anyone?

How to Maximize the Venus Retrograde Experience

Ancient people understood the tremendous power of sacred timing, aligned to the cycles of Venus.  An entire civilization–the Sumerians–enacted great cultural rites to honor the rise of Venus closest to Spring Equinox–the current Morning Star Venus Rise.

Many other cultures staged their battles and sacrifices for when Venus rose as Morning Star beginning a new cycle.  We know this moment carries great power and we know that at this Turning of the Ages is it for us to remember right use of power and and ancient knowledge, bring it into service to the whole, to the healing of the Earth, to the benefit of the next seven generations and a heart-centered human culture.

Preparation and Training for Battle

During the Venus Retrograde Window, from March 4 through April 14 can be seen as a time to prepare for “battle”–in other words to reflect, plan your strategy, get clear on your commitments and priorities and build your strength so you can be “all in” in the coming months where you’ll need to be fully engaged in your life purpose and mission.

Reflection and Self Honoring Practice

March 4-18: Venus prepares to cross between the Earth and the Sun. Take time for deep reflection on what you have experienced from August 2015 until now (the full Leo Venus Cycle).  Give gratitude for everything you have learned. Celebrate all the ways you have grown. Cultivate practices of Self Love every chance you get to anchor the energies of your own inner Leo Sovereign Queen within your being at the cellular level.  We need her deep and fully resonant inside of us.

March 19-31: Venus is With the Sun in the “Metamorphic Underworld.” This time of High Magic contains worlds within worlds of possibility.  We are all going through a deep metamorphic process, taking the quantum leap, and it is good to surrender within this window to whatever Spirit has in store for you, to go with the flow, allow change, unexpected miracles and opportunities and dramatic reversals and releasing to all happen knowing it is in perfect, Diving Timing

April 1-14:  Venus Retrograde Rise as Morning Star. This is the time to nourish ourselves deeply even as we prepare our strategy, name our priorities, gain clarity on how we wish to map out and engage the next 19 months of this Aries Venus Cycle. Part of what we will be doing now is consciously choosing what we wish to release so that we are lighter on our feet and thus more available for whatever opportunities and challenges await us.

It is a time to step into our eager, powerful, bold, unstoppable human heart and declare to the world who we are, what we are here for, and to gather the forces of the Cosmos to align with our soul purpose.  And then it is time to ignite our soul spark and launch the Goddess Fueled Love Rockets of our Desires into the World.

Copyright 2017, Tami Brunk

Tami Brunk bestAbout the Author: Tami Brunk is a Shamanic Astrologer and Active Dream Teacher whose life passion is to call in and re-awaken the Priestesses through ceremonial work with Venus and her cycles, and by marrying the worlds of Dreaming and Shamanic Astrology.  She was the first to guide live circles of women and men through the entire 19-month Venus Cycle as guided by the Sumerian Inanna Descent and Rebirth Story.  She has conducted in-depth research into the Venus Return Cycle for women, and is co-founder of Venus Alchemy with Shamanic Astrology Mystery School Co-Founder Cayelin Castell. Through Venus Alchemy, Tami and Cayelin lead a dynamic global community of women and men through the entire 19-month Venus Cycle as Ceremony.

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