A  mega moon in Aquarius is coming up on the 18th.  Hold on to your hats! First and foremost, it is important for all to remember that Aquarian moons are about sudden changes and re-arrangement of plans. In other words Aquarius wants us to be spontaneous. At the same time we are being spontaneous Mars and Saturn are a few degrees apart creating havoc in all systems that ask for motion to happen. Mars is expansion and Saturn is contraction. It may feel like you have one foot is on the breaks and the other is on the gas. Saturn is the grand master and will be asking you to know the wisdom behind all the events in your life,  if you demonstrate this knowing movement will be granted. A way to work with Saturn’s confinement program is to keep your options open, this will influence action and you won’t get stuck.  The feeling of freedom will work if you keep diversity in your thought pattern.

If you want more on this subject go to the Cosmic Check in on YouTube:

The 18th Full Moon brings with it a Karmic Awakening  where some blockage could happen around the subject of “my money” and shared resources, in other words “other people’s money.” If this arises in your life it is important to remember the love that was in the equation when the money was made and that it was intended for the benefit of community to enhance the future. If forgotten –  karma may create a challenge. Sharing money at this time must be for the benefit of all beings. Entitlement where money is concerned could lead to a loss. Money is energy; if you know this all will flow toward abundance.

North and South Nodes are combined in this full moon – so stay clear with your intention for your future and release what is no longer useful in the quantum.

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