The potency of a disaster, or a significant historical event, seems to stir the depths of the collective unconscious. When President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 numerous people reported dreaming of the incident in advance. The tremendous loss of life that resulted from the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 provided another example of collective precognitive dreaming.

Sometimes dreamers share dream experiences that occur at the same time and the same symbols appear in the memory of the both dreamers upon awakening. A compelling example occurred while I was writing Tarot & Dream Interpretation. The people who shared the following dreams were members of a group that met regularly to work on their dream symbols. These dream experiences occurred during the time of the 9/11 tragedy.

Dream A: Many Colored Masks

Dreamer A is in a very large rectangular room without any chairs where many people are standing around looking confused. They seem to be waiting for a lecture. Dreamer A is with her husband and recognizes that the woman who will speak is her fellow dream group member (Dreamer B), who is about to give a lecture on symbols.

Hundreds of people of different races and nationalities are speaking many different languages. The lecturer draws symbols on a large dry-erase, white board on an easel. The symbols seem similar to Reiki symbols, like graphic representations of something, which perhaps transcend the language barrier. Each symbol has specific meaning.

The wall behind the lecturer is covered with masks. Each mask is a single solid color, but there are masks of many different colors hanging on the walls of the room. The masks have very pronounced features and seem to be made of something like paper Mache. The ceiling area is very brightly lit, and Dreamer A looks up to discover the source of the strong and brilliant white light that is coming from above, wondering if there are sky lights.

Dream B: Blue Mask

Dreamer B is in a very large complex, having just completed some sort of work, and is heading into an enormous public restroom. Her left arm is filled with papers, lecture notes, and a black binder. In her right hand, is a blue mask. The mask fits over her hand up to the elbow, somewhat like a hand puppet. The mask is sky blue and has very pronounced features and a pointed nose. The features are sharp and angular. It seems to be made of paper Mache or some sort of molded paper material.

It is near Halloween, and Dreamer B tries to put on the blue mask. She realizes she can’t put it over her head or on her face; it is too small. She decides to carry it. She has a strong sense of preparing for something related to costumes. The room is enormous, rectangular, and the ceiling area is enveloped in very bright light. Dreamer B looks up to determine the source of the brilliant, white light, coming from above. There are no chairs in the room, and people are all standing, hundreds, maybe thousands, looking confused.

Both of these dreams shared several identical symbols. Both dreamed of colored masks and large rectangular rooms with brilliant overhead light. In both dreams people were standing because there was no place to sit. Both also mentioned lectures. Dreamer A was aware of Dreamer B in her experience, and one dream seems to begin where the other leaves off.

Dreamer A felt the colored masks were symbols of our transitory human personalities that are worn like masks during life and must be laid aside after death, and that the variety of colors represented the numerous nations represented at the World Trade Center. The use of symbols in the “lecture” may have been a way to communicate ideas without words.

Dreamer A, who recognized Dreamer B, was sufficiently impacted by her dream to phone her friend in the morning. They were surprised by the many similar elements in their dreams. These dreams occurred close to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, and people from many places in the world who spoke numerous languages worked in those buildings. After working with the dream symbols the two dreamers felt these dreams were fragments of memories of actual soul travel and work, helping victims of sudden and traumatic death to make their transitions “into the white light.”

These dreams are an example of the depth of experience that can occur while our body rests and our soul continues to work. Never underestimate the power of your dreams. These dreamers felt blessed to recall their experience and to rededicate themselves to dreamtime service.

About the Author: Julie Loar is the multiple award-winning author of six books and dozens of articles.  She has a BS inJulie Loar Psychology, has done postgraduate work, and has been certified in numerous professional training and development programs.  Julie was a Human Resources executive in two major corporations, and an independent training consultant, working with large companies.  Her latest book, Goddesses For Every Day:  Exploring the Wisdom & Power of the Divine Feminine Around the World, (available at Satiama) has won three national awards.  Her popular astrology feature appears in ATLANTIS RISING magazine, and she is a featured contributor on John Edward’s web site, where she has her own internet TV show.  She has traveled to sacred sites around the world, researching the material for her books and teachings.  Each year she leads a sacred journey to Egypt.  Visit her at

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