Fantastic islandOne of the most common dream experiences is being inside a house. Descriptions may differ dramatically, and the house may not be where the dreamer lives, but this image appears frequently.  Because our state of mind is the central influence in the quality of our lives it’s important to understand that symbolically “where we live” represents our consciousness. And in dreams houses are just that, levels of consciousness.

When a house or building is the most prominent image first take a look at where you are in relation to the house. Are you outside looking in or inside feeling trapped and looking for a way out? In the first case it’s a state of consciousness you’re trying to achieve, or “get into.” In the second case it’s a mental state you’re trying to change, shift or move from a limiting state of mind to one that’s more open.

If you’re inside the house what level are you on? The main level of the house represents ordinary waking consciousness in the same way that we spend most of our waking time on the main floor. This is typically where we interact with other others if we have a family. This is where food is prepared and consumed, showing how we nurture ourselves. Is the house spacious, clean and orderly, or do you find mess and clutter?  Do you know your way around, or do you wander lost and confused? These are metaphors for your waking state, revealing what needs to change. The room reveals what aspect of life needs to be examined.

Basements, or portions of the house which are underground, reveal what’s going on beneath the surface in the subconscious realm. This area of mind is a rich source to be mined as it shows where we are replicating unconscious patterns. Is the basement nicely finished and well lighted?  Or is it damp with cement blocks that are gray and dark. Water symbolizes emotion so look for any water that appears and its condition; is it clear and sparkly or dank and murky? This reveals something about the underlying feelings and emotional basis of what’s happening in day-to-day life.  Garages, like basements are usually full of “stuff” that is often unused and forgotten. What needs to come out of storage, releasing energy, and go to the Thrift Store?

The upper level of a house symbolizes super-consciousness or higher states of mind.  If you are on an upper level are you in an attic? Is it storming outside, indicating emotional turmoil?  Does the roof leak? Is this room dark, dusty and full of old relics, or do you find yourself in a space where brilliant light from above is streaming into the room?  With light shining through a window you are receiving guidance from your Higher Self.  Whether you are listening and paying attention in waking life can be gleaned from what you were doing on the main floor or in the basement.

As with any other dream examine the feelings and emotions upon waking.  Do you like the house or are you sad or frightened?  What is the condition of the house or building?  Is it new or in need of repair with cracking and peeling paint?  It’s important to take note of who else is in your dream house.  Who are the people in the dream and what rooms do they occupy?

Do we actually live in this house in our waking life or does this house, and therefore the state of consciousness it represents, belong to someone else?  Do we feel welcome, or like an unwelcome intruder?  Are we familiar with this place or does it feel strange and unfamiliar? Would we like to live there? People often dream of being in their parents’ home or the place they grew up. Usually this suggests that the issue has its origin in the past. Perhaps it is a nagging leftover incident from childhood that left a deep wound and needs to be healed.  Without realizing it we draw similar circumstances over and over, trying to get free of the negative patterns.

Transitions in house dreams are also important. Do you move between levels, showing progress forward with an issue, or do you get stuck somewhere in a dark room, indicating that your current mode of behavior in waking life is not constructive? Do you move from conscious thought to subconscious realization? Do you emerge from a different subconscious pattern of being stuck to enter into higher light of super-conscious inspiration?

Paying attention to house metaphors over time will show how you live and move within the levels of your consciousness. In this way the guidance of super-consciousness is brought to conscious awareness, making an improvement in behavior and reversing self-defeating patterns.

Julie LoarAbout The Author:  Julie Loar is the multiple award-winning author of six books and dozens of articles.  She has a BS in Psychology, has done postgraduate work, and has been certified in numerous professional training and development programs.  Julie was a Human Resources executive in two major corporations, and an independent training consultant, working with large companies.  Her latest book, Goddesses For Every Day:  Exploring the Wisdom & Power of the Divine Feminine Around the World, (available at Satiama) has won three national awards.  Her popular astrology feature appears in ATLANTIS RISING magazine, and she is a featured contributor on John Edward’s web site, where she has her own internet TV show.  She has traveled to sacred sites around the world, researching the material for her books and teachings.  Each year she leads a sacred journey to Egypt.  Visit her at


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