Life offers us daily opportunities to exercise our spiritual muscles and by doing so, we can, in the words of Gandhi: “become the change that we wish to see in the world.” There are many ways to do this, and Power Prayer offers us the tools to bring change—without pain.

First, we should realize that we are in control of our lives. We can choose to react to others with anger, negativity, and dislike, or we can choose to use our growing Spiritual power and influence to express tolerance and understanding. When understanding dawns, love always follows in its path, like the freshly charged air that follows the evening storm. You may remember how you hated those algebra problems at school or the music teacher who forced you to read the strange hieroglyphics of the musical notes. If you look back with the wisdom of hindsight, you may see that you disliked these things because you didn’t understand them.


When you decide to study something so that you understand it, fear is dispelled, and you may even begin to enjoy the challenge that is offered. The same principle applies to your relationship with other people. When you dislike someone, regard this as a challenge to your own Spiritual growth and seek understanding.


You also should realize that you do have time to lead a more fulfilled life, no matter how busy you are. On the way to work, whether in your car or on public transportation, you can practice controlled deep breathing to become more alive and vibrant. If an ambulance speeds past you with lights flashing, you can send a mental beam of scintillating white light, filling the ambulance and its occupants with this powerful healing energy. You can walk past a dying tree and, with the power of your mind, fill this beautiful aspect of life with the healing power of love.


Remember, everything living responds to love, and we are natural radiators of this wonderful power. You can spend just five or ten minutes in the morning or evening, incorporating breathing exercises, mystic visualization, prayer and healing to bring balance and harmony into your busy, stressful life.


Most of us spend at least eight hours of each day at work, and we often hear spiritually-minded people bemoan the fact that they have to work to earn a living. However mundane the work, it offers us opportunities to progress spiritually. Do your work as perfectly as possible, no matter what kind of work you do? If you infuse your work with love and a spirit of service, then you will be successful, and you will make your career a meaningful one, no matter how humble it may appear to be. The true nature of success is not whether you are CEO of a company, or a doctor, or a lawyer. It is what you give to the career you have, to others, and to life that counts. This is the true measure of success, not how ambitious you are in the material world.


If you dedicate all your actions to God and then detach from the results, your actions become sacred, your work becomes worship, and your life becomes a living prayer. This is the Spiritual path known in the East as the path of karma yoga, the traditional yogic concept of imbuing every action with the love and light of God. We can all practice karma yoga by acting in a spirit of service, with the thought of God imbuing our acts, whether it is at work, sweeping the sidewalk, planting flowers, or cooking a meal. Karma yoga is also the worship of God through selfless service to one’s fellow human beings. When you serve others, you are working for the welfare of the world in unison with the divine will.


Copyright 2013, Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze preferred imageAbout The Author:  Chrissie Blaze is an astrologer, metaphysician and Spiritual teacher. She is the author of nine published books, including “Power Prayer” (co-author Gary Blaze)  extracts from which are contained in this article. She is an ordained priest at The Aetherius Society in Royal Oak.  She is a regular media guest and radio show host at Body Mind Spirit Radio. She has a popular website at


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