The Venus Effect:  How the Scorpio Goddess is Remaking Our World by Tami Brunk

We live at the threshold of a New Earth—and the unraveling of the Old Story.  We can choose to remain mesmerized by the scale of upheaval and destruction across the globe and in our lives, or we can redirect our focus from the external chaos toward the transformation pulsing beneath the surface.  Can we feel it? Can we see it? Like the wings of a Cosmological Butterfly, at this moment we have the choice to tune into, and become enlivened by, the Venus Effect.

Our present Age Change is about a re-balancing of power.  The patriarchal era is coming to a rapid close. On the heels of this dying epoch, we sense the arrival of the Goddess. Her return ignites our remembrance of the sacredness of the Earth and all life held by it, including ourselves. The return of the Sacred Feminine need not imply a new hierarchy with the masculine at the bottom.  We live in a time of integration, where we can activate the sacred marriage between Feminine and Masculine, between Heaven and Earth.

As a Shamanic Astrologer, I look to the cycles of Venus for the pattern behind the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine and its impact on me, my clients, and the Earth. For many ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, Persians and Australian aboriginal people, Venus represented the Sacred Feminine.  Venus undergoes a new initiation cycle every 584 days, about 1 ½ years. The sign in which she begins her cycle can be understood as the “overtone” or version of the Goddess currently activated on the world stage. Her cycles are felt at both the individual and collective level.

Today’s leading lady is the Scorpio Goddess. On November 4 of last year, morning star Venus rose in the east in the sign of Scorpio. From that time until June 11, 2012, it has been she who is remaking our world.  So just who is this mysterious dame? She has been feared and maligned within the Judeo Christian frame as witch, and sorceress. Yet when we scratch the surface of history across cultures we find her venerated as Kali Durga, Pele, Hecate, and the Dark Goddess.

The Scorpio Goddess holds the most profound of the feminine mysteries. She is the female Shaman, representing all that is organic, wild, outside of the realm of logic and rationality, and outside of the control of the most powerful modern technologies or institutions. It is she who initiates death and destruction of the status quo, she who is the master of Underworld cycles.  She serves the Earth and wholeness by orchestrating the essential pattern of death and rebirth.

From her morning star appearance in November through July, Venus was in the descent process of her cycle, preparing for her Underworld initiation. This has been a dismemberment phase where all that no longer serves has been stripped away, so that she (and we) might experience a full initiation. We have seen her in the tsunamis and nuclear meltdown; we have felt her in the uprisings across the Middle East. We have experienced her in the losses—big and small—in our personal worlds.

On July 11, Venus completed her descent and disappeared from view in the morning sky. From that event through September 22, Venus is within 10 degrees from the Sun and so, invisible to the human eye. From the perspective of the ancient astrologers, this is the time where the Sacred Feminine is in the Underworld, surrendering to a ceremonial death.

When I am counseling a client engaged in an Underworld cycle, I tell them to surrender, to stop struggling. It is at this stage that we must allow ourselves to be made new from the inside out. Our clever minds cannot get us out of it, and we cannot apply our powerful will to bust through. We must cultivate trust that this passage through the dark night is necessary, enabling us to discard our old identity and embrace a new beginning.

In the days following September 22, the Fall Equinox, Venus will rise from the Underworld, appearing in the evening sky where she will remain until May 2012.  She will be dim at first but will gain brightness as she appears each night. The days surrounding the Fall Equinox are a powerful time for ceremony, to welcome the renewed Scorpio Goddess into our world. For it is at this time that we see her in her wholeness: not only as the fearsome Goddess of annihilation, but also as she who empowers and ignites new life on Earth.

She holds the spark of creative and sexual fire, the pulse of aliveness within the creation. When we lose touch with her—we have lost our primal juice. And so this Fall Equinox we welcome the emergence of the Scorpio Goddess as Tantrika, she who knows the secrets of activating and skillfully channeling life force energy. Her presence can be felt as a bubbling up of ecstatic joy, aliveness, and boundless creative energy—an activation of our wild souls.  She energizes every cell of our being, tuning us to the song of Creation.

From autumn through next summer, Venus will continue to gain strength as she approaches completion of her Scorpio cycle. On May 30, 2012, Venus will enter the Underworld for a second time, completing a full metamorphosis and emerging in the morning sky on June 12. Like a Butterfly, she will rise in a new form as the Gemini Goddess, beginning a new cycle. This is the Venus Effect, the re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine.  In the words of novelist Arundhati Roy, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, (we) can hear her breathing.”

About the Author:  Tami Brunk is a Sagittarian Goddess with 15 years of experience in facilitating women’s empowerment circles. She credits her great love of the Divine Feminine to her experience as one of 8 sisters and a lifelong dedication to Gaia. She is a certified Shamanic Astrologer and Reiki II initiate trained to participate ceremonially with earth and celestial cycles including the Venus synodic cycle.  Visit to learn more about the Venus Effect.

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