“When we love unconditionally, with our hearts wide open, we 
feel joyfulness.” Arnold Patent

“Joy is the infallible sign of the Presence of God.” Rev. Joyce

Hummingbird’s Power: Joy and Sweetness

I was coming to the back yard by a side route, a passage along the house that requires you to go through two gates to get to the back yard and my office. My office is in a separate unit, a one room “mother-in-law” unit as they’re called here in Laguna Beach. This one though, has become my office.

I was feeling preoccupied with weighty matters, such as what to post on Facebook, what time I should go exercise, etc., my brow furrowed. I was about to go through the second gate when it occurred to me that maybe all this stuff about 2012 and global warming would come true. Maybe I should be more worried. I was feeling pretty solemn.

Then as I opened the gate, there just a few feet from me, hovering as if she’d been waiting for me, was the hummingbird who told me her name was Heather. I heard it in my mind, knowing it was her spirit that was speaking to me, passing along a message. I couldn’t help myself. Immediately I broke out in a big grin, said, “Hello Heather,” and heard her gently chide me for being so morose.

I recalled the image of Hummingbird in the Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, receiving her nourishing nectar from a bright red flower, her wings in stop motion, and the simple message that she was conveying: Cheer Up! It’s hard not to smile when encountering this tiny yet powerful being!

Here is the extended message from the guidebook that accompanies the cards:

There are days when you’ll find yourself in a bad mood or just feeling kind of cranky, and nothing seems to make you feel better. The first thing you should always do is check to see if you’re wearing your H.A.T. In other words, whether you’re Hungry, Angry, or Tired—H.A.T. If any of these are true, do what you can to take care of these first. Doing so will help you get out of a bad mood.

Get some good nutritious food if you’re hungry; talk to someone about your anger if that’s the case; or get some rest if you’re tired. Take care of what you need first, then try smiling a little bit and then focusing on all the good things that are in your life. It’s amazing how when you smile at others they usually will smile back with the both of you feeling a little bit better—and might even make you feel happy and cheerful!


* Try a “Dolphin smile,” where you turn the outer edges of your lips up just a bit, stand up straight, and check out how you feel when you do.

* Whenever you’re feeling low be sure to take care of your H.A.T. first and then see how that affects your mood.

* Do something silly or goofy just for the fun of it.

* If you’re in a bad mood, talk with a family member or friend about what’s bugging you.

If you’re ever feeling low, sad, or depressed, first take Hummingbird’s advice and take care of yourself by eating, resting, or expressing your anger with words to someone who can simply listen. Then try this simple meditation. Close your eyes, feet flat on the floor, and breathe a little deeper and slower than you typically do. In your mind’s eye bring in an image of a hummingbird. Keep your breathing slow, deep, and steady. Simply observe this little being and see how it feels in your body.

If you want to take this a step further, you can ask Hummingbird spirit for advice. Once you’ve asked, pay attention to whatever happens after: what you see, what you hear, and what you feel. You’ll be delighted with the response you get!

Excerpts from Children’s Spirit Animal Cards © 2011 by Dr. Steven Farmer with Jesseca Camacho.  Printed with permission of Satiama, LLC, Palmer Lake, Co. www.satiama.com

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About The Author:  Dr. Steven Farmer is the author of the several best-selling products including Children’s Spirit Animal Cards, Earth Magic, Animal Spirit Guides, Power Animals, Power Animal Oracle Cards, Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards, and Sacred Ceremony. He is a shamanic practitioner, ordained minister, hypnotherapist, former college professor and psychotherapist.  Dr. Farmer offers workshops and presentations on a variety of shamanic healing and earth-centered spirituality topics and also offers private shamanic healing sessions.  To learn more about his workshops or to contact him, please visit www.EarthMagic.net.

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