“We are gods in the making, unaware of our divinity. Our school is the solar system and Mother Earth our classroom. Everything we do takes place within the beautiful mystic backdrop of the cosmos. Even our thoughts will delicately touch the remotest star in the galaxy, and that star will also touch us in return, urging us to evolve on our journey back to God. We can choose to ignore the planets’ subtle, delicate energies and move out of sync with the natural flow and order of life. But if we do, we move away from our destiny.”  Chrissie Blaze

The daughter of a homicide detective, internationally-renowned astrologer Chrissie Blaze was born in the leafy countryside of Surrey, England. She was a psychic child to whom garden fairies were friends and deceased relatives were part of her every day — and night. Deeply drawn to a more magical, mystical realm, above all she longed to understand it.

Blaze was first introduced to astrology at age fourteen.  Shown a birth chart, Blaze could immediately read the symbols as if she was reading a book. This was an intuitive response; yet it took her many years of intense study and practice to begin to understand this vast consideration of the cosmos and its influence on our behavior. She threw herself passionately into learning, spending years studying spiritual philosophies, metaphysics, mystic thought and religions and training for two years at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, where she qualified as an astrologer.

“I think of astrology as a language of the cosmos, and the study of the influence of the cosmos on human behavior,” Blaze explained. “I have studied it for decades, and yet feel I only scratch the surface. The planets and suns and galaxies are living intelligences, urging all life towards evolution and perfection on our journey back to our Source.”

A practitioner of Evolutionary Astrology, also known as Karmic Astrology, Blaze believes astrology can shine a light on one’s potential. Karmic Astrology is not just about your personality or whom you will marry but informs why you are like you are and why you keep being drawn to a certain type of person. She describes it as a “blueprint for our unfolding destiny.” Yet, despite her love of astrology, Blaze believes that once we are able to develop an active, reliable intuition we will no longer need it.

However, for most of us, she explains, astrology is extremely helpful, and because Blaze regards herself foremost as a teacher, she now teaches astrology through her books, classes and workshops. Her goal is to demystify astrological jargon and symbols, presenting it so that everyone can at least learn to interpret their own horoscope. After all,” Blaze says,”This is your gift from the cosmos, your guidebook through life, so why not use it?”

Blaze has also studied metaphysics, the yogas and spiritual philosophies from Dr. George King, founder of The Aetherius Society. Recalled Blaze, I was fortunate to be a close student of Dr. King’s for twenty-five years. I knew a little about his reputation but he was far greater than I could ever imagine. I was honored to be accepted as one of his close students.”

A prolific and well-regarded author, Blaze’s first book, Workout for the Soul: Eight Steps to Inner Fitness, is based on the concept of the ten-minute soul workout. Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology’s Most Precarious Times of Year gives the reader a primer on the periods each year when the planet Mercury appears to go backwards, often causing mass frustration and helping the reader to use these three to four astrological annual periods to advantage.

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Chrissie and husband Gary were moved to write their best-selling book Power Prayer: A Program to Unlock Your Spiritual StrengthPower Prayer inspired well-known spiritual teachers Marianne Williamson and Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field, to contact the Blazes, and they have since become regular keynote speakers on prayer and directed intention at McTaggart’s popular Living the Field conferences in London.

Blaze also published Superstar Signs: Sun Signs of Heroes and You, Baby Star Signs: Your Guide to Better Parenting is in the Stars. Her eighth and most recent book, Deeper into Love: Seven Keys to Your Heart’s Higher Purpose, sheds new light upon the meaning of the word ‘love,’ presenting it as a mystical tool, but also a practical one for change.

Looking back over her personal spiritual journey and career, Blaze observed, “Above all, I am a seeker of truth. I have never been easily conditioned by society because my real passion, my first love has always been finding truth and learning how best to apply this in my life. It has been a difficult path but the most rewarding, exciting and adventurous path, I ever could have imagined.”

Chrissie Blaze is a professional astrologer, astrology columnist, published author, international speaker, and regular media guest. She has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television shows around the world, including E! Entertainment television in 2008, and has conducted lectures and workshops in the U.S. and U.K.  She is the leader of The Satiama Astrology CommunityClick here to learn more about this exciting community and to join today!  Chrissie’s books are also available in Satiama’s online store in the Astrology section and also under Books.