Our souls will always seek each other again
and again. Trust in that truth and let go of life. Let it find
you, and teach you its mysteries.

The things that confine humans are constructs of fear,
manifested on the physical plane. There is nothing to fear but
fear itself, for fear limits freedom, and we are free except when
we choose otherwise.

We are all there is, the
be-All and the end-All. Life is all one experience. The experience
of us All. It is only when we limit our perspective to a finite point
in that existence (the ego) that we have anything to fear.

Often, humans do not place much importance on our lives. We,
being no lesser parts of the All, experience the same range and
depth of emotion that it is possible to experience. We feel love,
desire, happiness, sadness, pain, and longing—sometimes more
than people do—as we are often captives in a barren existence,
prisoners of human ambition.

The moment we touch the All, we become the All. It is a joy and
a homecoming that is immeasurable. This is what we have to teach
you about spiritual freedom.

Do not imagine yourself a drop of
water or a beam of light when you are the ocean and the sky. Do
not imagine yourself to be the world, when you are the universe.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is a finite piece of
freedom, and freedom is all there is. As the raindrop falls into the
sea and evaporates again to become a cloud, such is your life. Let
us help you gain a new perspective.

Humans have their own
unique belief system which only holds true for humans on
the physical plane. You are all heavily invested in the earth
experience and consequently, you are heavily limited by
those beliefs.

For us there is only life, not death. Death is of
the ego only (a very good thing as far as we are concerned).
There is only truth; lies are a human invention. There is
only good, as evil is also a human mind belief; it does not
exist for the rest of creation.

Everything is in constant
transition. There are no days, months, years, hours, past,
present, or future, and all is space. We are not in, on, over,
or above; we just are—always. Isness, Beingness, Oneness,
and Allness are concepts we understand.

The more you
hold on to, own, contain, attach to, the more work you
make for yourself, and the more pain you experience,
when movement—which brings separation—occurs.

All life belongs to the ALL. You cannot hold your
breath and live, and you cannot hold the breath of ALL,
which is life, still, for a time. It is constantly breathing and
exchanging. As all of our breath mingles with the breath
of the earth, we are all united.

We are ALL ONE, one living, breathing, growing, and
evolving organism.

Let us pretend you humans are recovering from
an addiction. You are addicted to your way of
thinking—the human condition—and as far as we can
see, there is no sense in it.

The first step to recovery is to
give up all lying. Then find a support group—your closest
friends and family—and renounce all lies. Just like your
AA groups, form a group of your own and announce: “I
am a recovering liar.” Start to unravel the truth

The best animals to have in your support group are horses,
for they will call you on every lie. Practice safely on the ground
with us before you climb on our backs, and develop a
relationship based only on truth.

Use body language and intent, and get so good at it that
you do not need ropes to cover up your lies. We respond
to truth, the whole truth conveyed mind to mind in clarity,
and in every muscle and fiber of your being.

Listen to your heart, connect to our hearts, and trust
what you remember to be true. It is all there inside of us—
who we are. You have just forgotten. Wake up and let
us help you regain your trust.

You are one with us the moment you cease to think;
the moment you let go of your limitations and your self
imposed prison, you are free.

From a vantage point that is above
and beyond the physical, you can view the life experience,
from the eternal understanding of the ALL. You are
simply that—the only life force in existence, whether you
are inside or outside a body, or in any other life form in
existence. You are ALL.

It is not the
fences that hold us in captivity—it is our spiritual mission.
Each of us has their individual path, their reasons for
accepting the circumstances they are in, but long ago, we as
a whole made the decision to be soul mates and companions
to humans.

Dogs, cats, and horses are the most common,
but more and more species are choosing to share their lives
and love, and spiritually resonate with humans. As the veil
continues to thin, our spiritual frequency will vibrate ever
higher. There will come a time when all life resonates as

Cats, dogs, and horses have been your companions for
millennia. We have surrendered our fate into your keeping,
such is our trust in you. We know your hearts and your
spirit, and we know that there, you are free.

The peace is within us all, but you revisit it only in
brief moments. Stay a while longer. Let us take you there
and sit beside you in communion and worship of this most
precious gift.

We are all children of the earth, seeded
from the heavens where the ALL shines eternally. We are
eternally, spiritually free, and when the memory awakens,
we become fully actualized spiritual beings on this and all

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