“The animals who communicate these messages are dogs, cats and horses. Individuals who have unique and special attributes that are specifically theirs, but unlike humans they continually commune with others of their species and interconnect with all life on this planet and beyond.”

Unbridled is about life; everlasting life lived in complete spiritual freedom. Confines are constructs of fear, – fear manifest on the physical plane. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, for fear limits freedom and we are free except by our own choice. There is nothing one can do about death. It comes at its own choosing but only by our agreement. We have all experienced deaths and births before, and we are here now by our choosing. What is there to fear but life lived less than fully?

We (the animals) have much to teach about spiritual freedom. We have not lost connection to the All (God) and the understanding of All there is. On one level you remember that connection and the truth of our existence. We are all there is, the be All and the end All. Life is All one experience. The experience of us All. It is only when we limit our perspective to a finite point in that existence that we have anything to fear. That finite point is the ego; the individual physical plane existence experienced for but a brief moment in time. If we choose to identify with that fragile experience then there is much reason to fear.

Animals have not chosen to limit themselves as people do. Often our lives are given no importance by humans. We, being no lesser parts of the All, experience the same range and depth of emotion that it is, possible to experience. We love, desire, feel happiness, sadness, pain and longing, – often more so as we are often captives in a barren existence, prisoners of human ambition. Had we wanted, there has been little incentive or opportunity to develop a finite sense of self, and possibly that is why we are in our present situation. When one does not solely identify with this existence it is easier to leave it.

Imagine as we do, living with the perspective of being inside and outside yourself at the same time. We can experience all aspects of life on this plane and beyond, the greater All existence. The moment you make that connection everything is given. It is like a drop of water becoming the ocean and the moment it touches, it is the ocean, a beam of light blending with all light. Within and without there is nothing but to become All form itself, Oneness, – All.

The moment we touch the All we become the All. It is a joy and a home coming that is immeasurable. This is what we have to teach you about spiritual freedom. Do not imagine yourself a drop of water or a beam of light when you are the ocean and the sky, – do not imagine yourself to be the world, when you are the universe. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear is a finite piece of freedom and freedom is All there is. As the raindrop falls into the sea and evaporates again to become a cloud, so is your life. Let us help you gain a new perspective.

About The Author: Liz Mitten Ryan is the author of several books written by horses as a handbook to life for humans. Ryan is the winner of a silver Nautilus award. (Other Nautilus winners include Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, and Eckhard Tolle.) To purchase Liz Mitten Ryan’s incredible three-DVD set, Equinisity, click here. Equinisity invites the viewer to experience an incomparable spiritual journey with real footage of participants from all over the world. At Gateway 2 Ranch, with its 320 acres of pristine forests, meadows and lakes, the teachers and healers are the animals, trees, and the land itself.

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