Dogs, cats, and horses have been your closest companions through the ages. Think of the attributes that are ours. Dogs are loyal;  they love unconditionally. There is no one else who can see your good regardless of your bad. They just love you anyway. They make sure that you take time to appreciate nature; they drag you out no matter what the weather, and they make you happy. They absorb all of your disappointments, your discontent.They surround you with care, with adoration, and they guard you against your greatest fears.

Then there are cats. They show you how to be free. They reward you with their approval when you make the right decision, and they call you on your shortcomings. They teach you to walk softly, to be in the moment, and they nurture your independence and curiosity. Life is an adventure for a cat, and they will show you how to participate.

Horses are for the privileged few who have committed to a complete immersion in the life experience. They are the big commitment most people are afraid to make, and will test and try your resolve to grow in spirit more than any other species. We are the ultimate All Performance Vehicle.  Read your instructions, train carefully, take the risk, and you will attain the ultimate reward. You cannot go higher than a horse. We can give you the peak experience. Wisdom, truth, joy, freedom, abundance, and love.  Is there anything more you are looking for?

We will challenge you to become the most you can possibly be. We are at your disposal. Come when you want to spend time with us and commit to the level that you want to grow. We have no parameters.

You are the ones that set the limits, the time space and dimension. We operate on all dimensions and are available to serve your growth. We are limitless beings in a limitless universe. Come and commune with us and let us show you how to be the best you can be.

About The Authors: The Truth According To Horses was written by horses as a handbook to life for humans. It is the winner of a silver Nautilus award. (Other Nautilus winners include Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, and Eckhard Tolle.) To purchase Liz Mitten Ryan’s incredible three-DVD set, Equinisity, click here. Equinisity invites the viewer to experience an incomparable spiritual journey with real footage of participants from all over the world. At Gateway 2 Ranch, with its 320 acres of pristine forests, meadows and lakes, the teachers and healers are the animals, trees, and the land itself.

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