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A Virtual Library and Meditation Hall.  Satiama Writers Resource. Our online store of  high quality mind-body-spirit products. Satiama offers opportunities, experiences and tools to support and inspire your daily journey!

The Truths of Tula


A book of wisdom, observations on life and truly stunning art!  Enjoy for a hour, a day, a lifetime. A celebration for the senses, limited time offers on book, art prints and more.

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Apollo the Misguided Missile

Kids today are faced with growing problem of bullying.  Apollo offers readers ideas for peaceful conflict resolution and team work — foundational ideas for our next generation.

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Satiama Writers Resource

Write your book, tell your story!   We offer editing, production, marketing and distribution support to help writers bring their literary vision into a well-executed and published book.


Winner of Three National Awards!

A tale of heroism, courage and self-acceptance!



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The Satiama Meditation Hall

Sit back and enjoy our expanding collection of guided meditations from renowned teachers, authors and artists.
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A Coloring Books for Kids and Adults

25 engaging, original drawings. Tablet-bound, frameable quality paper stock appropriate for colored pencils, markers and crayons.  Based on the award-winning How the Trees Got Their Voices!

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A Sound Sleep by Dean and Dudley Evenson

A Sound Sleep by Dean and Dudley Evenson

In a nation of insomniacs, A Sound Sleep: Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds offers a solution. This album is designed specifically to help people fall asleep ~ and stay asleep. Dudley Evenson’s soothing voice guides the listener to a deep state of relaxation and helps in letting go of worrisome thoughts.

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Wisdom Card Deck Sale Till May 30th

Wisdom Card Deck Sale Till May 30th

Get any Wisdom card deck sold at Satiama for 15% off till the end of May. Choose from Sue Lion’s Animal Spirit Cards, Magic & Light Wisdom Deck, EartHeart Wisdom, Inspiring Energies Key Rings or Children’s Spirit Animal Cards.

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How the Trees Got Their Voices Coloring Book

How the Trees Got Their Voices Coloring Book

Based on the best-selling children’s book by the same name, How the Trees Got Their Voices Coloring Book for both kids and adults offers 25 engaging drawings with fun and thoughtful words on the back of each page.

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Write Your Book, Tell Your Story

The simple truth is this:  every person is a visionary with a unique story to tell. Whether that story is your own autobiographical story, whether it is a work of fiction, whether poetry is your medium or whether you tell your story through art, music, dance or some... read more

Back Seat Machine Gunners by Daniel Woo

My younger brother and I loved family drives when we were very young, before the fights between our parents took away all our joy. My ex-fighter pilot dad would relentlessly press down the accelerator of the VW bug he bought after getting a job at IBM. Dad would... read more

The Souse Family and The Fifth Precept by Daniel Woo

I once thought that I had very little indelible childhood memories in the first 4 years of my life and that what little I remembered had no impact on my life. Then I remembered learning from infancy three songs: The Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalists) Republic of China... read more

Pain and Freedom by Daniel D. Woo

Saturday, January 30, I attended an all-day retreat at the Seattle Insight Meditation Center (http://seattleinsight.org/About/Who…) led by two teachers in the Insight Meditation lineages.

In addition to several 30 minutes unguided silent sitting meditations, the teachers had the participants practice two self-inquiry walking meditations. The first one required contemplating two questions

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February 2016 Cosmic Check-in by Beatrex Quntanna

February has a special magic in it for those who want to allow themselves to experience the highroad. This month is filled with many concepts intertwining into a big ball of yarn that may take the entire year to unwind.

The Sun is in Aquarius – time connect with your vision and get ready to pick out your Dream Team. While picking consider their response to *Opportunity *Brotherhood *Uniqueness and *Self-Reliance.

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December 2015 Cosmic Check-In by Beatrex Quntanna

Preparation for The Year of Generosity begins now and we must be aware that in order to live in generosity our manifestation skills need to be sharpened.

December 2015 sets the stage perfectly for this to actualize by placing Jupiter, the planet of abundance, next to the North Node, an energy field that sets the future focus in our lives. It all happens in the house of Virgo, a house that promotes service. The best way to ignite this energy is to

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