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Tula Loves Sven

A Colorado artist discovered her muse in a painting where Tula emerged unintended, unannounced and unexpectedly captivating. Two years later, Tula’s truths and her muse’s voice continue to infuse a body of work by Dianna Cates Dunn that offers each of us a shared view of Tula’s joyful, riotously colorful and deeply insightful world.

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The Second Half of Life

Working with images, poetry, metaphors, and other forms of symbolic language from diverse world cultures, Dr. Arrien introduces us to the Eight Gates of Initiation. By mastering their lessons and gifts, you harvest the meaning and purpose of your life, and come into spiritual maturity. With The Second Half of Life, she takes you step-by-step through each gate to deepen your most

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Dolphin Chi Pendant

Circle of life, communication, joy and freedom. Dolphins have long played an important role in human culture due to their intelligence, eagerness to communicate and their essence of pure joy. They represent the binding together of incompatible worlds. Dolphins also incarnate a powerful myth of femininity and are greatly associated with dolphin rider, Aphrodite, who was a Dolphin Goddess.

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Astrology for Lovers

A comprehensive astrological guide to life, relationships and lovers, Astrology for Lovers is a seminal guide to learning how to interpret the subtle and not-so subtle attributes of both your own and your partner’s astrological sign in order to create a better understanding of one another.

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Finding Balance and Courage

Most days I feel like I’m living in a dream, or an alternate reality, that I could not have imagined even a few years ago. What poses as news is more like a surreal and fictional soap opera, and it seems like the country–even the world– is coming apart at the seams.... read more

Set Your Own Heart On Fire

It’s that time of year again when Valentine’s Day approaches. For most of us, this is a Hallmark-fueled holiday that generally benefits chocolatiers and flower vendors but leaves many feeling alone, undervalued or with a feeling of missing out of a day of... read more

Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List!

It’s that time of year again when we begin to think and plan for the holidays, including gift-giving for our friends, loved ones and even, and especially, ourselves. More than simply an exercise in ‘getting it done,’ the adventure of finding the perfect gift can be delightful fun as well as a fascinating journey to surprising tools and opportunities for your loved ones or yourself….

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Cosmic Check In Late August 2016 by Beatrex Quntanna

Hold on to your hat … a bumpy road is ahead. First, the Sun is no longer in Leo. Virgo is in the power seat right now so you will notice that the giant directive from the Sun has moved down into details. All that has been bright now shines its light on your body... read more

August 2016 Forecast by Beatrex Quntanna

A MEGA MOON in Aquarius is coming up on the 18th — hold on to your hats. First and foremost it is important for all to remember that Aquarian moons are about sudden changes and re-arrangement of plans. In other words…

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