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Don't Like to Meditate? Then Color!

Coloring has proven to be a restful, meditative, and contemplative stress relief for all ages. The perfect holiday gift for every age.


A Magical Journey of Light, Love and Self-Acceptance

Destined to be a classic. Coming on December 15th!  Pre-order now.

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A Virtual Library and Meditation Hall.  Online courses from Satiama University. Satiama Writers Resource. Our online store of about 1,000 unusual and high quality mind-body-spirit products. Satiama offers opportunities, experiences and tools to support and inspire your daily journey!

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Satiama Writers Resource

Mentoring and publishing support services to help writers of all types of material bring their literary vision into a well-executed and published book


You've been dreaming.

 Now it’s time to wake up. A Jay Weidner Film.
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The Yoga Practitioner Solutions by La Vie De La Rose

The Yoga Practitioner Solutions by La Vie De La Rose

Accelerate unfoldment of enlightened consciousness through Yoga and other spiritual activities.

The yogic path is a calling of the Soul. It offers the potential for God-realization through self-mastery. As a path of mastery, it is ever-deepening, ever-unfolding. The Yoga Practitioner Solutions support the practitioner of yoga as s/he embraces the

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My Loved One Shines On! by Disa Van Orman

My Loved One Shines On! by Disa Van Orman

A poem is given to a grandmother by her 6-year-old grandson who dies suddenly. In great pain she intends to write about the wonderful times they shared. Instead, she hears her amazing grandson tell her a poem that lets her know that he is not truly gone and is still with her.

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What Child Is This?

What Child Is This?

The unique style of these arrangements and the quality of the vocals, Christmas flute music and Christmas harp music take traditional Christmas carols to new realms of spiritual depth. Singh Kaur’s haunting vocals sound like the angels themselves singing songs of joy that truly reflect the season.

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November 2015 Cosmic Check-In by Beatrex Quntanna

We have been living with retrogrades for the past several months and now they begin to move out into direct motion. The Sun is in Scorpio which means as these planets move from the dark-side of their retrograde into the light, veiled mysteries become known to us. For example Pluto the ruler of wealth may whisper in your ear and give you a message about living beyond survival. Neptune goes direct on the 18th unraveling a load of reality to replace our illusions.

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Your Holiday Gift Guide at Satiama

More than simply an exercise in ‘getting it done,’ the adventure of finding the perfect gift can be delightful fun as well as a fascinating journey to surprising tools and opportunities for your loved ones or yourself. Satiama’s online store offers close to 1,000 different and unusual products for everyone on your list. Here are some suggestions to help you easily and effortlessly navigate your shopping experience. And if you need a coupon or a discount, give us a call – we’ll create a coupon code just for you — we’re delighted to help! Peruse our Editor’s Picks below, which include VERY SPECIAL GIFTS UNDER $20, GIFTS FOR KIDS, GIFTS FOR SEEKERS and GIFTS THAT ARE TRULY UNIQUE AND SPECIAL, and GIFTS FOR HOME AND PETS.

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October 2015 Cosmic Check-In by Beatrex Quntanna

After coming through a major eclipse and becoming squeaky clean we can truly be open to the “O” of opportunity that is available this October. This awakening in October comes from understanding the quality of VISION provided by the number 10. The number 10 in Tibetan Numerology is all about new beginnings, yet there is a 3 month process the has to be experienced before getting to the new beginning, (The New Year.)

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CROOKS IN SUITS: When companies cheat and lie we lose faith in our society by Ravi Dykema

Do you try to obey rules and act ethically? I do. I think it is one small way I can make the world a little better.

But periodically an everyday-brand company gets caught lying, stealing, cheating, and even killing customers. What are we to make of this? Do they not care?

One of the largest international automakers purposely spewed poisons out of its cars exhaust pipes, 40 times the allowed amount..

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A Review of How the Trees Got Their Voices by Susan Andra Lion

We’re so honored that The Midwest Book Review chose our book, How the Trees Got Their Voices, for the book review publication “Children’s Bookwatch” for September 2015. Their editor in chief just sent us a copy of the review, which we find delightful:

“Already a multi award-winning title, “How the Trees Got Their Voices” is a nature story of the interconnectedness of species in a forest setting. Filled with intricate, colorful, appealing illustrations of trees, plants and animals in a typical mother Earth forest, “How the Trees Got Their Voices is actually at least two stories in one book.

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September 2015 Cosmic Check-in by Beatrex Quntanna

September brings us into full bloom as we enter the realm of Virgo. Here we experience reality as it relates to our Leo aspirations last month that came forward with such radiance and grace. It is under the Leo umbrella that we remember our original intention for being here on earth and get re-inspired by the sun’s radiance and potential during that time. Then the reality of Virgo and the earth element hits us with reality, like trying to fit a size 16 body into a size one.

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