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Discover 8 powerful keys that open the soul and guide the heart to embrace your fullest potential.

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How The Trees Got Their Voices

Winner of Moonbeam Children’s Literacy Mind-Body-Spirit Gold Medal 2014, Mom’s Choice Gold Medal and Creative Child Magazine 2014 Book of the Year Award.

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Enjoy The Present Moment

“Take a breath. Pause.”

Iyanla Vanzant

Come Walk With Me

Cherokee Medicine Elder Eva Black Tail Swan takes her listeners on four guided meditation journeys accompanied by the ethereal flute music of Marina Raye. A profound journey to the Higher Realms.

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Children's Spirit Animal Cards

Our multiple award-winning Children’s Spirit Animal series encourages children to seek the wisdom of their spirit animals through messages of love and guidance. Available as a wisdom deck and in two volumes of recorded stories.

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Enjoy daily wisdom messages of knowing and believing in yourself!  Who says that can’t be fun?

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New! Shasta Style Earrings

Celebrate your inner Goddess, Shamaness, Priestess, Yogini or just because you love to look beautiful!

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How would you like to spend 45 days with...

Kenneth Wapnick, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson….and more?

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A Sound Sleep

A Sound Sleep

In a nation of insomniacs, A Sound Sleep: Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds offers a solution. This album is designed specifically to help people fall asleep ~ and stay asleep.  Dudley Evenson’s soothing voice guides the listener to a... read more
Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards

Turtle Wisdom Personal Illumination Cards

Who says personal growth can’t be fun? Based on the internationally-acclaimed book, Turtle Wisdom by Donna DeNomme, these new cards offers a timeless message of knowing and believing in yourself. They were created to help build confidence, personal trust, a... read more
We are Love

We are Love

Through vibrant imagery and melodic verse, WE ARE LOVE explores the source of love and shares how it can be experienced in our daily lives…”Love is the power of the universe. It shines through every star. Love lights up everything you see. LOVE is who you... read more
28 Days to a Life of Gratitude

28 Days to a Life of Gratitude

What if you could live in a state of joy–not just some of the time, but always? What if you could revisit every passage of your life, from birth to adulthood to your final days–and see it as a profound soul journey? What if the hardships of the past faded... read more

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Cultural Views and Practices Regarding Ancestors by Dr. Steven Farmer

In research for my latest book Healing Ancestral Karma, I was fascinated by the vast number of cultures, both indigenous and contemporary, that incorporated ancestral veneration in their beliefs and practices. Unfortunately, in our western civilization we have largely...

8 Keys to Wholeness: An Excerpt from 1st Key by Donna DeNomme

1st Key Finding Our Footing Through Sacred Roots And the journey is an evocation of three things in particular: a landscape that is incomparable, a time that is gone forever, and the human spirit, which endures. ~ N. Scott Momaday The Muladhara or Root Chakra grounds...

The Year of Dynamic Reorientation by Dr. Natalia Schotte

An Exploration of the Spiritual Themes of the New Nature Year September 22, 2014-September 23, 2015 The Two Paradigms of Time: Spiritual and Linear The Gregorian calendar established in 1582 CE, which marks January 1 as its New Year, governs linear time and, to the...

Tarot and Dreams by Julie Loar

Sigmund Freud once remarked that “the dream is the Royal Road to the unconscious.” Tarot has been called the Royal Road to mastery, and traveling the twists and turns of the Fool’s Journey is not for the faint of heart. Tarot reveals the path of initiation, the...

10 Things to Do at Satiama

Satiama offers so many daily adventures — articles, podcasts, videos and more!  Here’s a short list of what you might want to explore on our site. 1.  Read our newest blog post, located right on our Home Page.  We update our website constantly with new...

Dream Oracle: Famous Dreamers by Julie Loar

Listening to messages in our dreams stretches far back in time and some fascinating stories have survived. There are countless anecdotes of scientists, searching for the answer to a problem, writers seeking a plot element, composers searching for the perfect chord,...

Dream Oracle Numbers: 6 through 10 by Julie Loar

This article is a continuation from last month’s article about Dream Oracle Numbers 1 through 5. Dream Numbers Part Two:   Numbers 6 through 10 6.    Balance Meanings of the number six include equilibration, symmetry, and harmony of opposites, balanced...

Dream Oracle Numbers: 1 through 5 by Julie Loar

Numbers appear in dreams as dates, months, seasons, phone numbers, room numbers or quantities. Always examine the context. Does the number show up as a quantity of objects or persons? Does the number repeat in the dream, highlighting the importance of the symbol?...

Technicolor Dream Coat by Julie Loar

Joseph of the Bible was a famous dream interpreter, and he was also renowned for his “Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat,” as the popular musical says. As Joseph no doubt knew, color can be an important message in dream symbolism. Clinical research shows that most dreams...

White Tara, Bodhisattva of Compassion by Julie Loar

White Tara, “She of the White Lotus,” is one of the manifestations of the Great Goddess Tara, who originated in India as a Hindu goddess.  Tara has 108 names and many aspects or qualities.  Her worship extended into Buddhism, and she is the most revered female...

Building Your Dream House by Julie Loar

One of the most common dream experiences is being inside a house. Descriptions may differ dramatically, and the house may not be where the dreamer lives, but this image appears frequently.  Because our state of mind is the central influence in the quality of our lives...

Personal Dream Dictionary by Julie Loar

Personal Dream Dictionary Symbols are the stuff that dreams are made of, and a good symbol dictionary is an important tool for dream work. Any symbol dictionary is meant to be a guide as the dreamer is the ultimate authority where meaning is concerned. Learning to...

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